Car insurance in the field of new breakthrough in the world's first ADAS+UBI solutions available in Hangzhou

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ITshengyichang· 2016-08-29 18:59:13

Internet industry and automobile industry integration make the car networking industry has become less mobile Internet market value of the super blue ocean, based on innovation and entrepreneurship car networking also under the background of vigorous development. In August 25th, car networking field of auto insurance to usher in a new breakthrough, Hangzhou to drive company and sunshine insurance signed an agreement to jointly launch the world's first ADAS (Advanced Driver assistance systems (+UBI) driver behavior of insurance pricing model based on the overall solution) "risk reduction treasure".

Internet and automotive collision of the sparks make people full of imagination for the future of the car, there are higher requirements. How to make the car more secure in the process of moving, no doubt become one of the most urgent needs of the current consumer. Good car CEO He Chongzhong said, ADAS+UBI overall solution will give people travel to bring security, while the auto insurance industry will bring innovation.

  public data show that the car accident 2.7 seconds before the occurrence of early warning, can reduce the accident rate of 79%. It is understood that due to the ADAS vehicle real-time monitoring and early warning function can greatly reduce the accident probability, even unable to avoid accidents when the warning system will remind drivers to brake, reduce the severity of the accident, is considered to be one of the active safety system so far the most effective. To drive the launch of the ADAS equipment "the dog N2" is Taobao all the chips, the real-time monitoring of vehicle driving conditions, in case of lane departure, in a dangerous situation, with the car timely warning, greatly improve traffic safety.

it is reported that the ADAS system will be in the vehicle location, time, lane change number, the distance from the vehicle and other types of data, the data will be collected and transmitted to the back-end platform, the platform will be analyzed and the data mining, the driver, the vehicle collision accident data, identification of evidence. Through the dog N2 on this kind of data collection, is expected to make ADAS and UBI auto insurance form a close combination, in reducing the probability of auto insurance accident to solve the problem of car accident identification.

sunshine insurance Zhejiang branch Xu Qiqing said, sunshine insurance as "risk reduction treasure" of the insurance liability, for the product evaluation in several ways. The technical parameters and test data, can reduce the number of dangerous condition and loss of the owners to reduce traffic risk provide good protection, which is very helpful to the insurance company.

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