From the age composition proposition of animation, I believe it will certainly want to speak seriously what to say

Animation composition

fengkuangniaowo· 2016-08-30 04:23:18

we often encounter some truth, basically belongs to the kind of similar to the fairy tale before the truth, this simple truth, love animation also used it to go to the general conception, is to establish a correct concept, then is a play.

today recommended animation about the content is also very simple, when not trying to find the deeper things, but those simple things seem more concerned about.

"Chef contest bonus", as its name suggests, this animation is a a windfall from the third grade primary school composition proposition content type, often will make you more curious about what it was......

it is very boring but no accident......

nine in Chef Competition animal doing before the final preparations, the rabbit has a great dream, want to become the first chef contest.

and its relative and a tall bear sir, but apparently he and Mr Brown instead.

just like the fairy tale, there is always a very character bad bad guy, so a confidence between rabbit and a what do not depressing gray head of the brown bear, what will happen naturally, such as wanton ridicule.

and laugh immediately after the "retribution".

queer said should like this, was the odds the competitor, after a failure, in the face of pressure again, but even the most ordinary things are done well.

the chef competition is destined not so easily end, has a high skill of the rabbit can perk up as another protagonist of the brown bear, and what will happen?

a simple bedtime story here, maybe after experienced so many twists and turns just want to tell a truth of our most simple: maybe we can become friends and support each other ~

- END -

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