[TOP] exposure rocket intends to bull star


souhuNBA· 2016-08-30 04:57:45

Beijing time on August 29th, let us review the news today TOP5:

1. exposure to

          this summer, the Rockets adjust the line-up, introduced Anderson and Nene and other Titans, also lost like Howard and Jones's power players, from the current situation, let the depth of the rocket in the linear array problems still exist.

            it is worth mentioning that the rocket now has not yet with striker Mo Tai Jonas agreed to renew the agreement, although the two sides expressed optimism, but the team clearly need to make full preparations.

2. king Erwin for the exposure test God

          in fact, since the beginning of the offseason, the Cousins trade rumors have never stopped. And the knight side, also has been selling music fu. Therefore, according to previous reports, for the common needs of the two teams have been approached.

3. de Rakic into a new nuclear heat or a replica of

> 1.6;" according to the American news media, Miami heat coach Spoelstra said in a recent interview, after Wade left the team, Miami to develop tactics around de Rakic, and to speed up the offensive rhythm in the new season.

          after Wade left, the heat had to establish a new team core, the development of new team tactics. According to the latest news, the heat to de Rakic as the core, to speed up the team's offensive rhythm, the coach also confirmed this point.

4. exposure Lawson a year short contract signing king

            and then after the announcement, Thailand - Lawson is also the first time to update twitter, confirmed that he will join the king, "SA city folks, to put your cow bell (a special King fans cheer) to shake it.. "Lawson wrote.

5. "test God willing to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games

> 1.6;" from the "Boston globe" reported that the kings star DeMarcus - Hince test stand, as long as the body conditions allow, after 4 years, he still want to his country for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

this summer, the test of God is one of the members of the United States men's basketball team to win the Rio Olympic games. I would like to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, when I was older, so whether the campaign depends on my physical condition, the test God said, I would like to participate, of course, I would like to participate in."


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