[TOP] exposure warriors boss Thompson Kardashian cited public outrage dating rhetoric

Kardashian Thompson date

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Beijing time on September 3rd, let us review the news today TOP5:

1 exposure warriors boss

cited public outrage rhetoric ESPN famous reporter Blaine - Wen Khost puliao, he was reported, the warriors boss Joe lacob caused a scandal in the league in March this year, some rhetoric. In other words, the new season, the warriors will become the undisputed enemy of other teams ""! Half a year ago, Rakob was in an interview with the "New York Times" said that such remarks, "the team set up in the lineup, a few years may be stronger than any other team in the league," Rakob said, "we will become the focus of the rest of the League after a long period of time after."

2 when the 20 year old Kobe refused to substitute the risk of being traded

from the "The Associated Press" reported that the "Zen master" Phil - Jackson, in an interview revealed that the 99-00 season is the first season he coached the Lakers, who considered Kobe Bryant Grant Hill exchange. Jackson: "when Kobe just came back, but I do not want to make major adjustments, so he suggested playing from the bench, but he said," I can't accept is called off the bench, "he was only 20 years old, have begun to worry about their place in history, this is an indication of the future. There are a few minutes, I really had to consider the offer of the pistons, is to exchange Kobe Hill, Jackson continued, "this idea does occur, but it is very very very short."

3 exposure James and Kardashian dating

brother from the famous gossip website TMZ reported that Kohler socialite Kardashian suspected to fall in love again, and this is also the object of her NBA player - Tristan Thompson champion cleveland! From Lamar to Odom, James harden, and then to today's Thompson, Kohler has a special liking for the NBA star. Informed sources, this time Kohler and TT can be said to be inseparable, they were photographed together in Beverly Hills of Losangeles, but also an intimate conversation. In the photo, wearing a black vest TT; as for Kohler, it is a black sleeveless dress.

4 O'neal is like the heat history of the most important signings

from "the Sun Sentinel" reported, said in an interview on the Miami Heat president Pat Riley, he believes that Miami history of the most important signings and not in the summer of 2010 the formation of the big three, but the 2004 offseason to introduce "the shark" O'neal. In most people's eyes, Riley's greatest contribution to Miami is the formation of the big three summer of 2010 - when Lebron James decided to leave his hometown in Cleveland, and Dwayne - Wade and Chris - Bosh fought in Miami. It is because of the formation of the three giants, so that the heat became the league's super team. 2010-14, this Miami for 4 years during the finals, and 2 championship. But Riley did not think so, in his view, O'neal is the most important signings team in history. "I think it would be (2004) get Shaq (O'neal)," Riley said, "any other signings are Shakebi we do, including the big three."


Cole is confident the warriors defense upgrade according to U.S. media reports, in an interview, the warriors coach Steve - Cole said that the new season warriors defense will become better, but in his opinion, will be to control the "death five" lineup playing time. "We're going to let Green play number five, and Durant four," Cole said. "We think it's a good defensive team. But you can't use the lineup throughout the game. This can only be a short time configuration. We are very likely to use at the critical moment. We use a small lineup before, usually in the first half before the end of the game, the game is generally the last moment, Barnes hit four, "Cole said," we will put Durant in that position now. The overall arrangement may not change. But we will only make this configuration in every game for about 15 minutes." Style= white-space: "pre-wrap

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