Pay list has been occupied for two weeks, "underground castle 2" in the end is a kind of game?


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some people say this A sequel is in the same old stuff, but speculation seemed well.

after a lapse of two years, "the underground castle: alchemical magic journey" (hereinafter referred to as the "underground castle 1") sequel "underground castle 2: dark awakening" (hereinafter referred to as the "underground castle 2") in August 18th on App Store. Two days time, this game will rush to the top of the position, and has been maintained until now. And driven by the new, the underground castle 1 download rankings also quickly upgrade, the highest paid to download the top ten.

sequel on the line, "underground castle 1" rushed up to the 9

App paid download although Store pay list is already is recognized by playing bad list, but a product can last for two weeks in the pay list, while driving two years ago before, is relatively rare.

compared to the first, "underground castle 2" in basic gameplay rules can be said without any change, so many people feel that the development team is with good performance before there had been a wave of cold fried rice. But together, especially after adding a more figurative art performance of the exclusion of the basic rules of the game to maintain the "underground" in the castle exploration, 1 operating elements, "2" in the form of underground castle line, the traditional card and RPG card part of the fusion to the game player is strong enough immersion.

" underground castle 2: dark awakening "pay per download ranking" border: none;

on the basic architecture and the rules of the game play in terms of" underground castle 2 "and before the basic not too big change: Business Park output resource, the recruitment of adventurers to form an exploration team of field exploration, supplies and equipment for the manor expedition.

but in the play rules on "underground castle 2" through more figurative art performance of the map, manor, monster game content do show a more intuitive, it is a certain degree of basic rules before lay was simplified, more easy to use, some game atmosphere is more strong.

such as the "underground castle 1" in the map is very simple, is looking at a big map background with the grid drawing, 00 have some need to explore the vertical distribution map, and all kinds of trigger events and encounter etc..

and to the "underground castle 2", the expedition in the map is turned into a torch, at the same time to disperse the "fog of war" can see more images of the map, the map will have different additional buildings of different terrain, compared with "underground castle 2" has more sense of substitution only from the map, although the same is composed of numerous small cells, the game experience is closer to the "adventure" itself.

adventure map contrast (left" underground castle 1 "," 2 "right for the underground castle, the same below)

in the" underground castle 1 "only with a ferocious the face of the enemy, in the" underground castle 2 "finally had a chance to shine as the body. The game every enemy design different images (although the overall type is still relatively small, brush to brush and then a few attacks), also have different performance. The player's adventure is also based on a different career with a different look, and no longer like the "underground castle 1" as it is just a simple alternative to a few characters.

"> the enemy in contrast to figurative art performance to some extent reduce the threshold of the game, if the game with rules," underground castle 2 "in resources treatment also made a lot of optimization design, to further reduce the difficulty of the game started. Based on the "business manor output resource" place play, "underground castle 1" in resources including gold, wheat, bread, leather, cloth, silk, stone, wood, iron, steel, steel, crystal, Fu Wen, dark magic powder, the gospel, spirit of wood and so on, in which most of the need to pass place (arrange craftsman) to continue to produce, in view of the different effects of different resources, only this one is particularly complex.

"underground castle 2" will be integrated into the food resources, wood, iron, crystal and Mithril 5, output is still mainly rely on the place. But more work is, "the underground castle 2" cut down a lot of complex resources to obtain the path, will be part of the resources to carry out the functional integration.

as "a special resource" underground castle 1 "in the gospel", for the game player to the field of the map to find the graveyard resurrection risk death, and to the "underground castle 2", a cemetery cemetery is integrated into the sanctuary, the gospel resources also exist, the resurrection of dead adventurers upgrade, adventurers are dependent on the acquisition by killing "soul".

resource output contrast" border: none; margin-top: 0.8em; margin-bottom: 0.5em; text-align: center; padding-right: 6px; box-sizing: border-box; "class=" tn-Powered-by-XIUMI ">
< section style="; > growth system from the traditional card /RPG evolved from width: 0px; height: 0px; clear: both; >

if you like, or "2" as the underground castle pure to place based games, resource optimization may not be a good practice. But the combination of online games in the form of adjustment, the game handles adventure, part of design combines the traditional card /RPG, downplayed the "place" of the elements, let the game looks more like a puzzle exploration RPG. The forming line and the placing line are connected with each other, but to a certain extent, they are independent of each other.

others adventurers home

in the" underground castle 1 ", enhance the adventurer's strength, depends entirely on the placement of resources output: access to resources - making jobs needed props - for a particular occupation, the numerical strength of each occupation in the transfer has been fixed, not through other ways to grow. In this case, the player to complete more content to explore, it is more dependent on the resources placed on the output, such as the need to expand the backpack space by consuming resources to carry more action needed food. />

associated with it, the pub can be upgraded through the use of resources, can improve the quality of recruiting Adventure (grape Jun experience, level of high-quality pub adventurers appear likely to increase very little and the level cap).

; "the design resembles the traditional card Mobile Games in card, some time to draw a chance for free, paid access to resources the opportunity to draw cards extra. For enhancing the ability of a single numerical adventure role, "underground castle 2" is like the traditional design of RPG type, the branch transfer system, but the system of duty and card Mobile Games in the rising star is very similar to that of adventurers after each turn, the star will be a corresponding increase.

and the growth mode correspondingly, adventurers recruitment, transfer upgrades to strengthen the resources needed, not from the placement of output resources, but by killing the exploration of gold and soul, to get through and unable to pay.

" adventurers after transfer a rising star

only from the numerical growth perspective, this part of the design and placement of play independent numerical strength place the resources to bring output and manor business space to grow up and give adventurers bring direct bonus. But late in the game, the adventurers transfer special props required, and powerful equipment later need, need through the operation of the manor, create the workshop in order to enhance the level, and have a certain relationship.

; desalination placed RPG style "brush" experience

also paid to the effect of almost does not affect the numerical strength, even RMB game player only through repeated exploration, to get more gold and soul to recruit, training more adventurers, and that many traditional RPG games through the "brush" lifting numerical strength of the experience is very close.

each of the adventurers might come in handy, even if not for the current lineup is best to keep the

so in fact" underground castle 2 "very stressed" brush "although the design of vertical type, a small copy of many on the map can only experience a game player, but every re entering the map, will be the same as Roguelike, random (fixed) position for refresh the map for the brush strange monster, game player. This design once again played down the elements of the game, and let the players to focus more on the RPG style experience.

but the traditional card game is similar to the late, the game is bound to face "cast of characters change, while in the game there are a lot of choice of occupation specific attributes and conditions need to have additional training may trigger, game player is not so commonly used risk takers (adventurers can be fired, the soul return by a certain percentage, not one hundred percent), once again increased the game player" brush "the burden of all adventurers needed to upgrade the soul only by fighting to output.

as needed here in a team game player adventure attributes: magic 110

overall, the whole game process and experience are more partial to single, including repeated brush strange MMO, unlike most games, game player can interact with others in the process to experience this process," 2 "in the process of underground castle brush very boring.

game content, "the single brush type underground castle 2" in the strange process, vertical and horizontal extension of the adventure training through extended game player game time, game player content slowed the rate of consumption, the design is not paid to civilians will significantly speed up the game player content rate of consumption, some the exploration of the quality degree of game player in the game of freshness, but it is easy to let the game player have the feeling of fatigue.

real time PVP can not find the sense of presence of the whole network

war strategy, different skills can manually select the priority

more strategies that have before the war. Each of the adventurers can through tactics to adjust its release skills priority, but whether the details to the percentage of blood skill release conditions, or roughly a "never released" occasionally "release" release "is often" release "release conditions, since to the AI to do automatic battle the accuracy of certain skills to release or there will be deviations, this is coupled with real-time PVP, there will always be some different changes. />

"but overall," underground castle 2 "in addition to some monster looks a bit scary, might scare away part of the female game player, the overall game experience is still very good. As mentioned above, the partial "brush" severe RPG type is easy to let the game player experience have the feeling of fatigue, but in the process of discovery, this part is not very prominent. In each game more attention is paid to the exploration of the "mean" to slow down the rhythm of game player.

determines the food carrying load, and different map every step consumed foods may also be different

such as the continuation of the" 1 "of the design of the underground castle the expedition, every expedition can only carry a certain amount of food in the map every step will produce food consumption, once consumed, the 5 step after the team will die. So the player needs to be in the expedition to calculate the stock of food, so as to have enough supplies to support the team back to the shelter.

but died in the game after all is a negative experience, so the game of death did not make any punishment, the resurrection of adventurers required conditions are extremely difficult to achieve, can weaken the death and "a failure of the adventure" brings frustration.

different choices have different results (random comparison), but the game player can well find themselves as the"

command presence "on the other hand, in order to to strengthen the exploration of fun, games on the map a trigger event added a lot of seemingly random branch selection, to strengthen the interaction between the game player and the game. Although many choose to have some randomness, game player choice does not really affect the results, but to the game player experience, more fitting an expedition commander of the role, and bring a sense of presence is very strong. />

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