In addition to iPhone7, apple conference in September 7th and these new products worth looking forward to

IPhone apple conference new product

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last night, apple once a year most grand conference autumn conference invitation exposure, this conference will be local time on September 7th, Beijing time on September 8th at 2 a.m. at , Chinese the buddies have the habit of staying up late to watch the apple conference.

Apple changed the past September second released Tuesday by the traditional, choose to publish in September 7th local time, means a new generation of products is undoubtedly iPhone 7. Called "See you on the invitation 7th" is a phrase with a double meaning, in 7, see iPhone 7, a new generation of products called iPhone   6SE rumor collapse of itself.

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iPhone 7

is undoubtedly the protagonist of this conference is iPhone 7, iPhone 7 changes almost certainly and improved mainly include:

    new blue color;

  • horizontal antenna, equipped with the new 16nm process A10 dual core processor, equipped with Lightning interface

  • for the first time in the 32GB storage space body started, and provide 256GB storage version optional;" line-height: 2em

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about iPhone 7, ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) has done many rumors summary, here no longer. The need for detailed review friends here: iPhone 7 new spoilers summary: September 8th release, there is a wave of HD

(iPhone 7, navy blue, photograph: idownloadblog

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in addition to iPhone 7, and the new

but, according to the past tradition, Apple's autumn conference will never publish only a product, but there will be Mac and other ancillary products released together, this time is naturally no exception, from the current view of these rumors, apple is worth looking forward to


MacBook and iMac product line update

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will configure Thunderbolt 3 USB interface of Type-C, the new MacBook Pro will be equipped with a flat keyboard, and based on the dynamic function of OLED touch screen technology., the fuselage will be thinner, line to Air.

New iMac will be equipped with the new AMD from the graphics chip, Apple may also push out 5K display a R & D cooperation with LG.

ray technology has been done before new rumors about MacBook , do not know when there are several can verify? No matter how many updates, and Technology (WeChat ID:leitech) has recommended MacBook to spare no effort in buddy, if you want to start, you can wait for the Apple new conference decision, the old and the new price will be. Release means you have more choices.

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iPad Pro launched a market hiatus, apple prices make contribution on improving growth performance, but this year iPad should not have a new release, but will upgrade the system. The new iPad will be released in 2017, will no longer use the Samsung processor, but the use of Taiwan integrated processor, but also to upgrade the function to the Samsung Note Galaxy series of products".

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Apple Watch new but the incoming update

Apple Watch in March last year the Spring Festival Apple conference, has to update time, early in June on the WWDC there are rumors that Apple will launch the second generation of Watch, but did not come.

7 authoritative data agency IDC data show that the second quarter Apple Watch volume in half, only 1 million 600 thousand blocks from the market share 72% reduced to 47%, which means that the Apple Watch of this product is already out of date, apple must as soon as possible to upgrade Apple Watch second generation to save the market.

Apple Watch 2 update is not much however, ray technology had on Apple Watch 2 proposed 12 , from the existing rumors, "Apple Watch 2 will still not independently from the iPhone , it will not have their own communication module, still need a full day in life, and are not in the display screen, processing ability and appearance has great improvement on.

Bloomberg news, Apple Watch 2 may be a GPS module, and then improve the motion track record. Earlier, there is news that Watch Apple 2 may be added to the FaceTime function, as well as become more thin. According to Apple's usual style, next week may also bring more Apple Watch watch strap.

is, Apple Watch 2 may not be called Apple Watch 2, it is not a new generation of smart watches, but improved version of the previous generation, the equivalent of "s" the iPhone series, will call what name?

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Apple in TV the fifth generation but could not There are style= TV

last autumn conference, Apple TV was rare in the history of the big update, ushered in the fourth generation, the introduction of the new operating system, launched the flagship game function and application store, Siri to provide voice and touch interaction apple, in support of linkage between devices. Style= line-height: "2em >

Apple products may usher in the fifth generation.

the first generation AppleTV officially listed in 2007, the second generation product is listed on the 2010, the third generation of products is listed in 2012, the fourth generation product in 2015, because it is updated only once in two or three years Apple TV, lead can't keep up with the pace of the opponent, not just to keep up with ChromeCast, Apple TV from the function, performance and concept, has been China TV box behind.

China Internet TV and traditional TV giant has already launched smart TV sets, and occupied the mainstream market, there is no rumors that Apple will produce TV host, but Apple is TV may accelerate the upgrading of the brand, in September last year ushered in the update, there are rumors that Apple will launch its own television channel, a new generation of Apple TV will cooperate with the content strategy, and strengthen the support of the game.

Beats will release supporting Lightn; Ing

7 because iPhone cancel 3.5mm headset is That's final. hole, so apple must provide supporting more wireless headset and Lightning headset, in addition to the evolution of apple EarPods headset based on its acquisition of the Beats natural it will provide more support updates, wireless version and the Lightning version of the headset. Beats may also release the speaker based on the Lightning interface.

headset in order to prove that Lightning is the future trend, Apple may also introduce third stars such as Bose Lightning headset sound factory - if the latter has to do the words.

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One More Thing: Apple VR, intelligent assistant is also intelligent speaker?

One Mote Thing is Jobs's legacy, the surprise Safari Windows version, FaceTime function and so on. So, this time Apple's new conference More Thing One will be what?

  • VR device? Low probability.

  • intelligent speaker? High probability.

Amazon Echo has been very popular in the United States, people at the same time through the speaker to the family, as the voice assistant use. I/O Google in 2016 has launched Home Google family intelligent speaker. Apple has the Siri AI software, Beats has wireless speakers, apple can not miss the intelligent voice speaker, last year there was news that Apple has been in the development of their own intelligent speaker, the speaker will meet in the fall?

  • intelligent assistant? High probability.

Google   I/O Google Home conference, in addition to the hardware, and the Google Assitant AI should be used. Apple has Siri, however, it is now also focused on voice assistant, and give the user the impression that the toy left. Apple will not upgrade the Siri, or the introduction of another AI products, so that with the iMessage, FaceTime and other applications of the depth of the combination? There is a possibility, and the possibility of launching with the smart speaker is also great.

in general, not just focus on the iPhone 7, the upcoming conference is iPhone 7 conference, but Apple's new conference, iPhone 7 will probably disappoint us, but there are still some unknown, it is worth looking forward to. Lei technology has been ready to bring Apple's new conference in the morning in September 8th for the full range of reports, welcome to look at the time to share your insights.

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