China watches came from Solo millet millet bracelet can afford myth?

Solo myth watch

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8 31, millet ecological chain in Beijing held communication will fall, and released a series of new ecological chain. However, on the day before, China Science and technology "first" in Beijing held a press conference of "China AMAZFIT sports watch".

this sports watch positioning runners, on Garmin (Jia Ming) and other sports watch.

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China watches how?

wammy AMAZFIT sports watch built-in GPS module, using GPS-GLONASS satellite positioning, with a heart rate monitor function, can record the real time trajectory, mileage, altitude, speed and other motion data.

in intelligent function, support message push, mainly mobile phone calls, SMS, WeChat, and other types of weather news alerts; support pay treasure quick payment, namely through the two-dimensional code on the watch for payment; due to the user while running side love songs, China sports watch and AMAZFIT player function, 4GB space can store 500 songs about its content and also, and Good to the user recommended song FM and 1MORE headphones cooperation, to provide a better music experience.

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endurance: style= "line-height: 2em;" > smart watch battery life very concerned about the user, Apple Watch is a stumbling block to need a full day this weakness. AMAZFIT China life has improved greatly, in the open GPS module mode for 35 hours of battery life, the acceptable daily pattern of news to push the travel for 5 days, only in the power saving mode time and recording data can reach nearly 12 days of life. Overall life performance is pretty good, Watch Apple than a big cut, better than the best Garmin sports watch performance slightly better.

in appearance, China AMAZFIT hand motion table uses a scratch resistant ceramic bezel, avoiding abrasion and scratch; silica gel with groove design for sports wristbands perspiration perspiration; also can be easily removed and replaced watchband. The use of a 1.34 inch reflection type low power color display, the dial is often bright, the stronger the light dial the more clear, suitable for outdoor use scenarios.

China supports AMAZFIT AMAZFIT sports watch watch sports two App assistant and millet, but currently only Android watches assistant App version, iOS version is also developed.

this watch is priced at 799 yuan, in August 31st the Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and Amazon platform officially on sale.

Garmin is more like a low end version of , but not Apple Watch entry-level.

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8 30 release Apple cut Hu Watch new

wammy AMAZFIT sports watch intelligent function than Apple Watch or Android Wear some bad, does not have the open operating system, install third party App does not support, it is more like a motor function instead of watches, smart watches. Style= max-width: "

this positioning but more to meet the needs of users. Watch Apple hopes to turn the watch into a smart device can replace the phone, but the fact that most people are still using the message push function. Limited computing power, the size of the screen and interactive mode, through the watch shopping, chat WeChat, map navigation, what the experience is too poor.

Apple Watch released new upcoming in September 8th at 2:00's new conference, sources said it would join the GPS module to strengthen the motor function, smart watch movement is the general direction. So although China AMAZFIT sports watch and Apple Watch different position, but it still has cut Hu Apple Watch ". for the need to push the message and want to watch has more powerful motor function users in Apple Watch and China AMAZFIT sports watch expensive may choose the latter.

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primary motor function, not enough to threaten the Garmin professional sports watch

millet smart bracelet, namely China explosive products, pose a huge threat by 79 yuan price butcher on Fitbit, Jawbone Bracelet exercise, to seize a lot of market share, has become the world's second largest smart bracelet, after Fitbit China has become the second meters can wear Dai equipment company.

799 yuan of China AMAZFIT sports watch will become intelligent sports watch industry price butcher again? Can't。 Style= font-size: "14px professional sports watches with Fitbit and other products of the difference lies in the high degree of professionalism, can be replaced by weak.

kaimy professional sports watch is China in the short term is difficult to keep up with the m. Not only to record the accuracy of the data, but the functions, services and brands, and its understanding of the needs of the movement to achieve the ultimate user.

Fenix 3HR as an example, the barometric altimeter, electronic compass, remote VIRB Sports Camera and other functions, also provide exclusive features and services for running, swimming, golf, cycling and other sports scenes, such as running mode of downstream VO2 Max analysis of maximal oxygen uptake, acceleration, swimming swimming mode data (stroke, stroke, stroke frequency identification number), automatic train, open water swimming distance and other functions, can be said to be extreme sports.

in addition to expensive Fenix 3HR, there are many low-priced products Jia Ming, Jia Ming Forerunner10 GPS outdoor sports table in the Jingdong sold only 499 yuan, no message push and music function. Style= font-size: "14px better Ming and a variety of different price of sports products, choose the rich, is the first choice for sports enthusiasts. In addition to Jia Ming, the market there are many thousand dollars below the sports watch, these are potential rivals of China, China AMAZFIT sports watches do not have outstanding price advantage in front of them.

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China watch to millet, or will become the A major challenge for

If millet smart watch products and pricing without any change, and never mind by a millet company to do business, will become the explosion? The possibility is very low, after all, there are a lot of cheap bracelet on the market. Millet smart bracelet is a big success, with "millet" two words that have great relations, millet brand awareness, there are hundreds of millions of users, millet based electricity supplier and marketing resources blessing.

this time in China to grab millet ecological chain will fall before the communication alone held a press conference released, the product name not "millet", but take China sub brand: AMAZFIT. Style= font-size: "14px in the sales did not choose to start in the millet, but in the third Square Mall release, after the millet net, rice home mall and millet home sale. This shows that China smart watches "to choose millet and great wings fly their own feeling, the China AMAZFIT smart watches, but also a challenge.

this to imply millet will launch the next open smart watch Android based on Wear, millet smart watch "will come, but not by china.

in general, China AMAZFIT smart watches on Derek, but in sports professional not beautiful Ming, the short term can not shake the real professional sports watch market, these users are not price sensitive. Its intelligent and Watch Apple concept is different, but for those who occasionally exercise and need to push the message function of the user, or have a certain appeal. However, from millet solo of China can create the wearable device market once again the explosion remains to be time to answer.

(pictures are from the official website of China)

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