Millet family again welcome price butcher: 1699 yuan, high IQ sweeping robot can impact the high-end it?


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"held this afternoon, millet millet ecological chain autumn communication will, for communication, in fact or new hair. Perhaps today's time is too tight, millet ecological chain company of China yesterday in Beijing released its first smart watch movement: AMAZFIT sports watch.

"today, rumors for a long time sweeping robot has finally arrived, and hit the" " a planet's best sweeping robot "banner. meters home products continue to be millet ecological chain responsible person responsible for the release of Liu De, Lei Jun sitting in the audience to attend.

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m home robot to take conventional disc sweeping robot design, but still have the white design language obviously, consistent with the m home series products.

than sweeping robot, Mi's sweeping robot has the following advantages:


clean sweep, fast

m home sweeping robot take Japan imported NIDEC brushless fan, the maximum pressure can reach 1800PA, can have better performance in cleaning the corner. Take the unique design of the wind tunnel, while maintaining a small noise at the same time, but also to clean the seeds, peanut shells and other large garbage.


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floating brush design, no longer use infrared design, but the use of Wall-Senser sensor, can keep at a distance of 1 cm at along the wall cleaning, then will the dust clean slot wall. to take a single side brush, to support the design of dynamic speed.


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m home sweeping robot take 5200mAh lithium battery, continuous working time up to 2.5 hours, clearing 250 square support area, most of the families can sweep the floor demand.


the use of low cost

every year, as a part-time fee for an hour.


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m home robot is another highlight is " "and then take a laser rangefinder, with eyes", can be intelligent path planning , avoid wandering, and then sweep faster.

Liu De said, meters home sweeping robot is "indoor specific environment of small unmanned vehicles." unmanned vehicle now generally adopt laser sensor. but no sensor in general to 500 thousand yuan or even higher prices, while the sensor sweeping robot it is much cheaper to use, Si LAN technology and other entrepreneurial team aimed at sweeping robot needs to laser rangefinder, rapid growth.

m home sweeping robot has a total of 12 kinds of sensors, can avoid collision glass, down the stairs etc..

and more from

by M App, the user can clean the room remote start sweeping robot, but also real-time rendering sweep map and the current robot position, you can also specify the appointment time every day or weekend cleaning time, cleaning.

m home also collocation a sweeping robot accessories, namely "virtual wall", some do not want to sweep the floor can be attached to the robot into the region, such as the child activities in the region, this attachment can be selected. Price of 39 yuan. />

in terms of price, the price of rice at home sweeping robot price only 1699 yuan. Currently has the laser path planning function sweeping robot price is very expensive, like iRobot 980 and other products priced at 4000 yuan or more, it can be seen, the price advantage of rice house sweeping robot is still very obvious. Style= max-width: "/>

9 6 am 10:00, millet mall, millet home synchronization first sell.

product from the point of view, Mi's sweeping robot with millet IH electric cooker, take the high road not like this with the price of millet bracelet. Style= font-size: "14px

sweeping robot market is still far from the sea, then it is more important is to make sweeping robot more popular, bigger market. Style= font-size: "14px in the knowledge of the Q & a platform, "you bought after the best use of electronic products is what?" Always, sweeping robot Heranzailie , but at the same time, many people buy sweeping robot home, still have to sweep the floor, please part-time cleaning.

ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) the office has two Taiwan made sweeping sweeping robot, the effect is poor, often card under the table in a cycle of death, unexplained crashes, thread around the situation, for they have to eat eat ash ash for a long time. Style= max-width: "

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Why do sweeping robot?

in January this year, ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) had predicted the 2016 millet most likely hair products, sweeping robot among them.

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to enter the incision for sweeping robot, the robot industry

robot industry, sweeping robot, although it seems not very intelligent, but has been the prototype domestic robots, service robots are now the most popular and practical, and with the robot of artificial intelligence, sensor, force action can have related requirements. Millet if you want to enter the robotics industry, sweeping robot is considered a cut. So, millet rice home made a sweeping robot, can be seen as the start of the robot.


sweeping robot market capacity is large enough, and growing

14px; millet ecological chain products first principle is to do just need products, will not do this kind of VR is not enough popular products. In 2012, China's sweeping robot sold 300 thousand units a year (4 million units sold worldwide). In 2015, China's sweeping robot sold millions of dollars a year, and it's still growing.

double eleven day made sweeping robot Ecovacs in 2015 eleven double sales reached 312 million, becoming household appliances category sales champion, high-end brand sales have successfully broken billion iRobot. Style= font-size: "14px color:; RGB m home robot will not miss this year's double eleven, such a low price, is expected to become explosive.

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sweeping robot there is a large reduction space

sweeping robot; a few years ago has been published, primarily by some foreign famous brand monopoly market, such as: German TOMEFON, American iRobot, Holland PHILIPS, in recent years, there are many domestic manufacturers of these products. However, in the high-end product prices are high, high-end products are generally more than 4000 yuan, 2000 yuan more than ordinary products, millet is the best price butcher, this product is priced 1699 yuan, once again proved this point.

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5 months, brands from 0 to m 1

5 months ago, millet declared independence in the establishment of" m "millet" home "brand, designed for the use of ecological chain company. Up to now, rice has released 10 products: including rice, rice cooker, rice, home appliances, such as the star of the star products. At the same time, rice will be "millet family App" changed its name to "rice App", and in addition to the equipment control, the introduction of meter home mall, product information, all chips and other functions.

"m" up to now, App has 50 million users, 5 million active users, the number of smart devices connected to 40 million.

millet from the original of a MIUI system and a mobile phone millet fission of a huge product matrix. millet ecological chain products are sold in more than 30 products, including mobile phone, TV, intelligent hardware and accessories four categories, intelligent hardware and intelligent home appliances, wearable devices, intelligent, smart, intelligent Home Furnishing for UAV images, and other categories, almost mainstream hardware category Everything is contained therein., this is a very large matrix.

product line at the same time, millet intelligent mobile phone business headquarters is in OPPO, vivo and other products of the challenge, the ecological chain independence, perhaps is to avoid being distracted by too much , the ecological chain in 5 from 0 to 1 months, successfully proved himself.

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