CODING code city and aggregate data to achieve strategic cooperation: to provide convenient technology development program for small and medium enterprises

Small and medium sized enterprises technology development strategy

Codingmashi· 2016-09-06 04:30:20

with the development of cloud computing technology, Internet products gradually cover all aspects of life, to cloud collaboration, remote work, down to the basic necessities of life, every ordinary people and events that are stored in the form of data in the database.

while the majority of the Internet Co, but also through the analysis of the data, retrieval and use, a step by step to influence the consumer's decision.

can be said now in this era, data is lifeline of Internet products, Internet products in the development process, will need to use all kinds of data. If the company's resources are insufficient or do not have the database available at hand, they need to build their own, which will occupy a considerable amount of energy, it will bring a lot of cost.

make development more convenient  

aggregate data is online trading platform data leading to. " "Arial. Hel Vetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: inherit; "> concept, to provide a wide variety of data, such as: illegal vehicle information, national weather, SMS APIGoogle the national map span> and other data interface services covering all aspects.

because it provides are standardized API interface, developers can be the basis for the development of two times, the city code the developers need to access the data of the development work has become more convenient: the need for a function of the product line, the function of API can be called directly.

code for city project demand side, because the data interface provides a lot of can be free to use, can save a lot of call and data maintenance costs, with the money in the real core place.

current data is developers and enterprise customers to provide data services platform, the number of applications over   24  million, the data amount of more than   2  million / day.  

to create a one-stop online software development solution  

; at the end of the year officially launched to help   448  to complete the development projects, the total turnover of more than   1000  . And the aggregation of data reached a strategic cooperation, is the code city all the package platform to help solve complex problems, reduce labor costs, save the development of the cost of the model is widely recognized by the industry as an important symbol.

some time ago, the city officially launched the "code" color: strong>" buffet and " self reward function ", the product function, experienced software the development of the demand side or the technical background of the developers can self valuation self reward, fast docking developers, greatly shorten the project time , is   CODING  code city software development automation process is an important beginning.

and it also marked   CODING  became the first manufacturer in the field of software development to the establishment of the standardization process, this for the emphasis on personalized, customized software development industry will be a new experience.

Coding code,

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