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Moldova Welsh

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< 004 on Monday; Welsh VS Moldova

Welsh won the fourth place in the 2016 European Cup, this also let their world rankings has currently ranked eleventh, while they were in the 1/4 finals 3-1 defeat hot favorite to win the race in Belgium is impressive, 3-5-2 teams play more mature, with Ramsey and Joe Allen as a midfielder and Baer hub, hidden in the high center behind to force, but the game Ramsey will suffer injury stop, more or less will have some impact on the team's midfield, because the team in the European Cup semi-final 0-2 eliminated by Portugal in the game, Ramsey due to accumulated Suspension is a major factor in the defeat of the team. However, Welsh of the game should not have too much trouble, their opponents Moldova ranked only 165 in the world, and in the last 20 games lost 14 games, but the team in the face of Sweden and Croatia striker good team when conceding from not more than 2, the defensive strength is remarkable. Not into the World Cup finals 60 years Welsh, this event ushered in the best opportunity, from top to bottom team in the first round to Our wills unite like a fortress. struggling in the face of Moldova made a good start, considering Baer's recent excellent condition, Welsh scoring two goals should not be a problem, "span style=" color: RGB (255, 76, 65 "the recommended >); let the ball found.

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Welsh general Baer is currently 61 appearances for Welsh from Welsh, scored 22 goals in team history scoring record holder Ian Rush also sent 6 ball
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