Orangemen Iran refused to repeat it over 19 years of hatred?

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Beijing time 19:35 on September 6th, China national team will usher in the 12 round of group phase second opponents in the" paradise "of Shenyang. In the top spot in group A of the Persian cavalry Iran team, the game will be played in 100th games is the national football World Cup qualifying match. In such a great game, "Gao Jun" can get the first win in 12 games?

the past in the heart, the Orangemen to revenge

China team and the Iran team had a total of 23 games before the experience, the Chinese soccer team with 6 wins, 5 draws and 12 losses at a disadvantage, but compared to the road to face the embarrassing situation hard to get a win in Iran, China in Iran on foot home court still maintain a certain winrate. In Gao Hongbo's period, Chinese team had two clash with the Iran team, the national football score of 1 wins and 1 losses, and a recent meeting between the two teams is led by Gao Hongbo, in 2010 September, China more than 2 lost 0 foot home court. While both alive preliminaries had had a total of 4 encounter, results China team 1 wins and 3 losses, only victory in 1989 July, when 2 to 0 win team Chinese home court. In 1997 of the ten season, Chinese team suffered a double play home and away.

the home court in Jinzhou advanced in the case of two goals the final 2 to 4 Iran was reversed the game has The China fans can not let go. That session of the so-called "history of the strongest", carrying a lot of people hope. The game Fan Zhiyi burst to break the deadlock, Li Ming volley to expand the score, China first half of the 2 to 0 lead, many fans thought the team will further secure a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. But the second half team Iran Pinqiang madness and the attack, and Mahdavikia, Ali Daei like playing chicken, lax team taifashenwei plus the Orangemen, Bagheri penalty succeeded, then in 2 Shi Jiebo Allen motor Vicky, substitute striker Mottier lock victory. China many old fans still feel pain and helpless, only hope that the country can match this awesome, happy fans will revenge, swept away the haze!

country foot weakness

country foot not only confrontation at a disadvantage, this game is also at a disadvantage in many ways, Iran is currently ranked 39 in the world, ranked first in asia. And the Chinese team is currently ranked Seventy-eighth in the world, ranked eighth in Asia, which has been the country's highest ranking for nearly 13 months. The 40 season, the Iran team also easily obtain group winners, and the national football at the end of the 1 round thrilling qualifying, and Iraq, Syria and the United Arab Emirates together with the four best scores the second group took the identity of 12 strong Asian tour bus.

in career coach, coaching football coach Gao Hongbo are basically in the domestic Chinese aggressively, and after Perrin next, Gao Hong Wave is also the "opera" once again become a football coach, he also abandoned the last coach when the daring young players from the veteran's approach, not only heavy strokes of 36 year old Zheng Zhi, and in the squad there are as many as 5 year old veteran hold the line 30+.

and Iran's 63 year old coach Carlos had left his footprints in many countries, of course we are more familiar with Ferguson he served as assistant coach at Manchester United to create brilliant, and experience very failure in the Royal at the end of the madrid. It can be said that Carlos as a coach always swing between winners and losers, but he is currently Iran team recruited more than Europe's Iran African player can see his extraordinary charm. Although Gao Hongbo's salary is only about 1/13 Carlos, cost-effective, but if you take into account the comprehensive management experience and ability is still the Iran coach to take the upper hand.

country foot

the game cube data are analyzed and some conclusions are given!

first Iran two full backs of mediocre abilities and the recent state and poor country, not only can foot offensive attack on the sidewalk, in case Keep the end can also be appropriate to give them space, the rest of the defensive energy to close down the opposition's waist, to limit the Iran team out of the ball, and defensive end of the national football must maintain a good sense of discipline, if not fatal mistake on Qatar goalkeeper, Iran will be zero closure.

and Iran goalkeeper pick high ball has problems, in the same foot can pass, but also to a corner goalkeeper control range! At the same time to send players to interfere with the goalkeeper appeared mistakes.

Iran can build the country foot corner

Iran first foul up to 23 times and picked up 3 yellow cards, see players defensive action when too large and emotionally vulnerable to fluctuations in foot may be appropriate to lure opponents foul, while they try to avoid foul" 333 ", a card, scores rose constantly!

country foot war Iran recommended tactical

according to a company's data shows the probability of spinach is as follows:

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