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Beijing time font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; style=" >9 evening, "font-family: Calibri, 2016-174; round, Old Trafford will advance 172" Manchester derby". Before the game, before the decision the world's largest service platform -- a comprehensive analysis of the techniques and tactics of football cube data, the results show that the Manchester City play in the Guardiola white dress is rapidly Barcelona, Bayern, and the introduction of Pogba and Ibrahimovic after the Manchester United attack significantly improved.

first we take a look at the Video:

Manchester pass control play line Barcelona, Bayern

football big data cube" font-size: 14px; "> analysis found that Guardiola's Manchester emphasizes the ball game, so the number of passes and the rate of the ball the best in the Premier League, the first round of the averaged style= < span" font-size: 14px color: RGB respectively; (255, 169. 0); ">600 and 63.7%, Mourinho Manchester United than a big slice in the power play of the Premier League have preference are absolutely offbeat, at the five major league only Barcelona and Bayern can do.

Guardiola to "font-size: 14px style=

Guardiola is famous in Bayern for his tactical layout, when he was using at least 9 tactics. At present, the main city to use 433 formation (another 4141 formation), but this 433 is 433, the main performance is: the goalkeeper has become one of the most important starting point offensive; the two side guard and often hit back, high defense and midfield; through the passing and running the ball of triangle position attack.

Manchester ball flow characteristics of

from the point of contact between players, David Silva is the series before the offensive organization, he would use a wide range of movement and the threat passes on the other side of the dangerous region out of space. Around David Silva, Phil Nandy Neo, Aguero, de Blau Hei, Nuo Lituo and the technology to guarantee the master, Manchester City maintained a rapid pace of delivery.

for West Ham player Aguero elbowed instant

the first striker Aguero for elbowing opponents by FA suspended for 3 games, and he Kompani will not be able to long-term injuries for the city played Manchester derby, which also led to the game winning is more optimistic about the united.

Manchester United attack power increase obviously

the Manchester United last season, the Reds scored a total of only 49 goals, ranked tenth in the league and finally performance with excellent defensive back giants face. With Mourinho Ibrahimovic to reuse free transfer, coupled with the "one hundred million gentlemen" bogeba perfect integration, Manchester United's attack methods and attack efficiency improved significantly, the first three games are shot 17.7 , field goals were 2 particle.

Manchester ball flow characteristics of

the attack from the point of view, the continuation of the United wings tradition, right back, Valencia left back Luke Shaw, left midfielder Marshall are on the field of horse wings. The Valencia winger is transformed, therefore extremely Paowei front, partner Mata made room for him. On the other side, Luke Shaw will use speed forward, when the counter attack, Manchester United left back will even run at the head of the team, and then to complete the xiadichuanzhong, or short passes to "bogeba Rooney".

Manchester United left back Luke Shaw this season on "text-align: center style=

Manchester United right the Valencia defender this season on "font-size: 14px style=

it is necessary to mention that the Manchester United lineup this season in 4 place on the axis of the players are at about 9 height 1 meters, greatly enhanced the offensive in the penalty area and the headers of air defense capability. In contrast, Manchester City 3 goals, 2 with high balls for the bad.

bogeba, hardness

as of the first round, Manchester United lost only 1 balls, the defensive power and hardness of two iron bogeba Fellaini waist No. big data cube football, Fellaini averaged 5 steals per game, Pogba averaged 2 tackles, 3 interceptions. Even more amazing is that the two men made a team of 28.7% pass, while passing the success rate of 85% stable, is undoubtedly the hub of offense and defense conversion. As a top player, Pogba and super one straight and dart feed cake, late should gradually appear.

Mourinho can cut

1.6; 14px; Mourinho and Guardiola as everyone knows, once worked at the Nou Camp, then represent the result football and part company each going his own way, and gorgeous football philosophy both inside and outside the field, love to kill years. 2009/10 season, Mourinho led the Milan international with Guardiola for the first time against Barcelona, two teams in the Champions League semi-final battle group phase and four rounds, the final by virtue of a madman 3 home court to 1 victory out of Barcelona, but also the achievements of the later three inter League ambitions. However, in the League for two years, Mourinho and Guardiola played 11 times, score of 2 wins 4 flat 5 negative, scoring 13 goals to lose 22 balls, in absolute downwind. Since then, Chelsea is the same as two mu in Bayern melon's European Super Cup had a fight, 90 minutes it was 2 to 2 draw.

kuamut at another year of

despite Guardiola only 3 wins 5 flat 8 negative embarrassing record, but in the Premier League, Mourinho holds two league championship trophy and he has created 77 Premier League home court unbeaten record, the premier Guardiola more abundant experience compared. In addition, Manchester United in the last 9 home games in the Premier League has won 8 games, the home state of the fiery dragon.

either Mourinho or Guardiola at the beginning of reconstruction of United Kingdom, the premier league wins the championship sign of the derby victory, it is self-evident significance. the next week, the city will also charge al Ittihad Stadium against the Champions League with group rivals Monchengladbach, so for Mourinho, perhaps this is an excellent opportunity for Guardiola to get the first city.

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