Clearly is a weak woman, why Lin Chiling claiming to be "Lin bold"?

Lin Chiling

paobuqu· 2016-09-11 11:25:17

Lin Chiling at a charity film,"

challenge movement, high-altitude piranha fishing......

and called himself" Lin bold"!

in the eyes of most people,"

Microsoft YaHei; Lin Chiling has been:

; Microsoft YaHei; skin white and beautiful long legs,

gentle voice!

the Lin Chiling challenge theme is:

" for the dream of bravery "!

she also encouraged everyone to say," margin-top: style= span>

" do not live up to the youth, "margin-top:

heart will be extraordinary."

see here,

Microsoft YaHei; buddy have seen,

Microsoft YaHei; although Lin Chiling looks soft,

Microsoft YaHei; but the heart is strong and independent challenging spirit!

Microsoft YaHei; this is not the first time Lin Chiling challenge.

early in her college age," /span>

Lin Chiling has emerged: "

in Canada to study at the University of Toronto,

Microsoft YaHei; she majored in Western art history and economics two degree,

< P style= margin-top: 5px margin-bottom: 5px; white-space:; normal; font-family: sans-serif; line-height: normal; text-align: center;" > finally completed his studies and graduated.

like beauty Curve Wrecker shaped like" margin-top: 5px style= ~

Microsoft YaHei; after entering showbiz,

Microsoft YaHei; because of the program,

Microsoft YaHei; slim Zhi Ling,

to go study aerobic boxing.


Microsoft YaHei; Lin Chiling accidentally fell from his horse,

Microsoft YaHei; led to her 6 ribs

Microsoft YaHei; the wound heart is only 1cm.

later again received the equestrian advertisement photography,

Microsoft YaHei; Lin Chiling still brave to accept the challenge,

Microsoft YaHei; efforts to overcome the past fall Ma the

Microsoft YaHei; success made a show of

Microsoft YaHei; man and horse rapport photos!

later in the film,"

Microsoft YaHei; the audience Tucao her acting is the vase,

Microsoft YaHei; Lin Chiling responded:

If I is a vase, at least that I was good. Next, I will use the time to get everyone's approval, may be two or three years, or even longer.

Lin Chiling said

also do.

Microsoft YaHei; Lin Chiling in the movie" Chibi "by virtue of the excellent performance,

won Microsoft YaHei; Hongkong Film Awards Best New Artist award!

in this year hit" in the mood "sister,"

Microsoft YaHei; in the face of the Antarctic cold knife like ice water,

Microsoft YaHei; Lin Chiling without the fear of very cold sea to complete the challenge of swimming,

Microsoft YaHei; let all the same people have show the white feather!

such a seemingly weak woman,"

Microsoft YaHei; but once again the challenge,

Microsoft YaHei; subversion all the stereotypes, "

Microsoft YaHei; become a capital of the independent and strong female.

in Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 15px; "> challenge self," margin-top:

Microsoft YaHei; can set up small target from the start,

to run a step.

9 25,"

in Beijing Olympic Forest Park south gate,"

will usher in a women's exclusive running events --

; Microsoft YaHei; CITIC Bank &


( " click on the" font-size: 15px; max-width: 100%; font-family: sans-serif; box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important; line-height: 25.6px; ">" ) refer to enroll in

bestie to the name of

Microsoft YaHei; together to go to the field of pink running about,

witness each other's a challenge!

run (i-am-runner)

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Clearly is a weak woman, why Lin Chiling claiming to be "Lin bold"?

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