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South Korea still PA Dachang gas

in fact, from the start of the plane, to the famous scenic spots in Berlin Cathedral, can be very obvious to see Samsung's hard advertising. And in the IFA show, Samsung is to occupy the most important place. (you can see from the name of the family is the 1-25 hall, Samsung is the B keynote conference hall, the museum was upstairs) brands all products, including Note7 and GALAXY TV products occupy the highest proportion of mobile phone products.

in addition, LG also occupied an entire stadium. The initial success of the high-end strategy to make LG the look of this development direction. This time IFA is to highlight the high-end series SIGNATURE. Whether it is a refrigerator or washing machine, LG design style tends to be simple, full of sense of technology. More interesting products are layered double drum washing machines, in the field is also very concerned about.

in the most eye-catching Japanese manufacturers one is SONY, only to see the exhibition are crowded. VR PS is a large area of the product, many people personally try to understand its function. The SONY on the IFA also launched a new mobile phone XZ Xperia, but seemingly less than the status of audio products, which is placed in the door of the position.


in addition to the exhibition staff, visitors are still mostly white, occasionally see asian. So IFA is destined to be a very localized exhibition. For SIEMENS, MIELE these well-known German brand, venue layout is also the nouveau riche. In addition, operators such as T-mobile also participated in the IFA.

in Germany has a history of 57 years of GRUNDIG, Germany's largest, second of Europe's AV and home appliance products group, not only shows the huge product line under the flag in Home Furnishing display more intelligent future Is to attract attention. Great sense of science and technology entities appliance + projection display, simply can not be tall on the. The future of smart home is not only software for hardware control, also including the use of artificial intelligence to determine the user needs, etc..


this year is the science and technology enterprises "sea" on more than a year, it can also feel everyone's ready in our interview. ZTE layout of Europe has been a success, to borrow the sports marketing and channel expansion on the floor again; TCL in South America, India, Mexico and other countries to build factories; overall strategy LETV is globalization, want to quickly realize the ecological overseas landing.

from the booth image, although not a China enterprises occupy the entire stadium phenomenon, but can also be based on the strength of" Liao han". HUAWEI mainly shows the phone (P series, Mate series, as well as the new release of Nova), the entire booth media and the public are more. The DJI UAV product itself has been widely known in Europe, the scene also has related presentations.

want to screw up mentioning, Lenovo launched the new IFA in the YogaBook, although it is not confirmed its market prospects, but the ultra thin appearance and dual-purpose pen the writing board, can let a person shine at the moment.

hot VR, hidden the winner of the

in collective capital into VR industry era, show no VR device is absolutely impossible. At the IFA show, the experience of a big helmet can be seen everywhere. Some large enterprises choose their own VR, such as TCL VR, released by Al Carter wearing a brand; some start-up companies in order to expand overseas market channels, such as multi perindopril technology, their market responsible person by IFA has presented the latest VR glasses to physical agents.

and others are accessories and computer brands, they do not produce VR, but the VR buddy. In these company's booth, for the public to provide the VR gaming experience, and they are mostly used are VIVE HTC. So, even if the VIVE HTC this time no special booth, but everywhere.

IFA keyword summary: Europe Type, audio, , VR Home Furnishing intelligent game

IFA are with European characteristics, after all the people are eating Western-style food for the Germans, half of them a year consumed drink coffee, the coffee machine, juicer, ovens and other small household electrical appliances manufacturers are numerous. And the same love of music, gathering and sports to make audio equipment, wearable devices are also very popular.

IFA is the first home appliance exhibition, intelligent household electrical appliance enterprises must become Home Furnishing yourselves. Each household electrical appliance enterprises will have its smart home display, but the real realization of all things Internet is still not find. Of course, the future has been sketched out, please look forward to.

and from IFA's participation in the VR, or in the game gesture launch more acceptable, including teenagers as the main audience. One part is some friends of a friend in the crowd dancing, the other part is the family unit, parents with children to experience.  

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