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is still suspended in the HC semitek, displayed in the asset restructuring plan released in July 21st this year, the initial restructuring of the underlying asset for harmonious core optical (Yiwu) photoelectric technology limited company, and the company purchased MEMSIC Semiconductor Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the MEMSIC semiconductor 100% stake).

according to the reporter, as a leading company of sensor industry, new semiconductor major competitors in the United States and Japan and other countries, currently in the country there is no rival. With HC semitek funds into the future will be the industry MEMSIC semiconductor acquisitions and mergers, and HC semitek will also form a LED sensor and double main industry development.

as the second major domestic LED chip production enterprises, HC semitek in July 21st issued a preliminary restructuring plan that will issue shares to buy assets, the underlying assets for the harmonious core optical (Yiwu) Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the from SPV to SPV), the transaction of the Target Corp's shareholders to buy 100% stake in the Target Corp. This transaction Target Corp MEMSIC semiconductor company, is a global micro electromechanical (MEMS) sensor industry leading technology enterprise.

public information, MEMSIC semiconductor is a company engaged in manufacturing, R & D and sales of integrated micro electro mechanical (MEMS, IC) - electronic mechanical integration technology chip (MEMS, IC) semiconductor chip enterprise science and technology enterprise conductor. Special focus on sensor products R & D and production, the production of the sensor can measure the acceleration, vibration, shock, motion and gravity acceleration, and for the first time in the world of sensors, analog signal and digital signal processing three integrated on a chip, the change of acceleration measurement of X, Y in two independent directions.

and for HC semitek cooperation, MEMSIC semiconductor chairman Zhao Yang told reporters, "cooperation and Huacan, because the two sides are semiconductor industry. The future will be Huacan as the center of acquisitions and mergers. With Huacan funds come in, we have started to talk about some of the European and American market subject. We are a technology oriented company, the goal is to acquire the world's top technology companies, the domestic sensor technology is relatively small."

LED, the main industry Huacan photoelectric sensor to, why the acquisition of MEMSIC semiconductor industry? In this regard, HC semitek President Liu Rong said to reporters, the company through the heavy investment of LED industry, in order to promote the development of the company, hope to introduce some new business, but new business can not be too far apart, so the acquisition of the new, "because are semiconductors, just a LED. A sensor is two, many industries are interlinked, and we can have many complementary things. MEMSIC has more advantages in the international market, but this is precisely the lack of Huacan, the future can use beauty channels to enter the international market."

at the same time, Liu Rong also said, "we in the LED industry, after so many years of R & D and manufacturing, low cost and accumulated rich manufacturing experience, the experience of the new development in the future will play a big role. The future Huacan is LED and the sensor of double main industry development, we hope that with the power of capital markets, to help the new rapid bigger and stronger."

- see the advantages of the new technology

the current main products are the MEMSIC semiconductor acceleration sensor, magnetic sensor and vehicle sensor. In the field of production of these three types of sensors, in addition to a number of well-known enterprises in the world, the domestic enterprises are still unable to participate in competition. Among them, the geomagnetic sensor MEMSIC semiconductor domestic market accounted for about 30%, which accounts for about 25% of the acceleration sensor.

Zhao Yang told reporters, "as one of several international main production enterprises, the new competitor is still large foreign companies, such as Japan's AKM, and BOSCH, STMicroelectronics group and other large companies. We do not have any subsidies in this way, if there is no technical advantage, it is impossible to compete with them, because they have the money to lose money, we can only rely on their own."

as Zhao Yang said, technology advantage is HC semitek fancy. "We think that at present, new semiconductor technology is the absolute first. The company's biggest potential is the technical advantage, we see is this piece of. We hope to rely on the new, the world's major competitors to catch up." Liu Rong told reporters.

in sensor industry view, the current domestic enterprises are mostly sensor fast follow-up, more is copied and improved, but there is no advantage in technology research and development, new semiconductor technology become the sensor industry leader. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

"at present in the field of geomagnetic sensor, can compete with us only four Japanese companies, domestic enterprises can not participate in competition. In the field of acceleration sensor, beauty is the only global monolithic integrated system, we are the leaders of this technology. Today, we are still making money, but some competitors have been stripped of this asset, and some in the loss of money, we can say that the most fundamental reason for profitability is the technical advantage." Zhao Yang said.

- on the Internet of things "ride"

MEMSIC semiconductor is located in Wuxi is Chinese things, in the development of networked sensors also play an increasingly important role in the matter, with the increase of sensor products demand, and gradually shift the focus to the MEMS sensor the field of high technology.

"2016~2021 MEMS China according to the sensor industry market demand and investment planning analysis report", China sensor market value has exceeded 120 billion yuan, with the continuous development of Internet technology, the next five years, the sensor output will grow at an annual rate of 30%. Under the opportunity of the Internet of things, the sensor has a great development prospects. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

as vice president of MEMSIC semiconductor product development, Liu Haidong on the sensor in the field of networking development is very promising. He told reporters that the Internet is not net, but rather, it needs sensors, networking development in Wuxi, can create many did not think, these fields will need sensors, which will also promote capital enter, accelerate the development of sensor. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

"with the development of the Internet of things, the market will become more and more big, more and more opportunities for enterprises. As long as the technology to keep up, then the opportunity will be a lot of. Things to our business has brought a lot of opportunities, customers need what products, we have developed what products, the formation of technology and product positioning. Things will allow us to make more products, these products customers will pay for the development of technology, investment and things will be output, which is the biggest opportunity to bring the Internet of things." Liu said East step.  

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