The fastest iPhone chip A10Fusion exactly where?


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with the new intelligent mobile phone iPhone 7 release, the new generation of apple A series chip A10 Fusion also surfaced. The overall performance of the chip is more powerful than A9, but more energy-efficient and efficient, apple said it is the most powerful A series chips, what the official release details of what is worth a look?

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Apple today released a new generation flagship smart mobile phone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, apparently by the appearance of this machine but hard to call changes. But Apple said it was by far the most outstanding and most advanced" generation iPhone, hidden in the change of course quite remarkable appearance within. Through the comments of the parties on the current network, the new generation of iPhone most attention than the breakthrough camera system and the independent design of Fusion A10 chip. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

in view of Apple said Fusion A10 is the fastest iPhone chip, the next through a preliminary understanding, to see what is good at.

enhance both the performance and efficiency of

A10 Fusion is Apple's fourth generation 64 bit architecture design A series processor, apple said the new design architecture after, and integration of innovative technology, the most powerful chip called intelligent mobile phone industry. This time the official name directly to A10 Fusion chip, not only for the first time the four core design, improve the performance, but also the energy efficiency on down a lot of effort, to further extend the full power of the iPhone single life time.

> 15px; "the new A10 Fusion is very likely to TSMC second generation of 14nm technology to build based on the chip, though the four core design, but not every kernel are the same, but by 2 a high performance core and 2 core high efficiency, and after we see the design of the ARM big.LITTLE or Samsung Qualcomm quad core chip based on similar structure. Style= margin-bottom: "15px

more power saving? Style= margin-bottom: "15px

in fact, using two groups of different properties of the CPU kernel design can be a good solution, each set of kernel has the effect of significantly different, more is to the very balance between performance and efficiency. Simply put, manager by hiding in the A10 internal custom hardware level, can make the chip mission better management, organization, coordination and distribution equipment, according to the maximum processing capacity or energy requirement, use the decision of how to allocate the CPU kernel.

> 15px; "the high performance kernel is generally applied to run the game or professional level applications such as a series of intensive tasks, and low power consumption and high efficiency of the CPU kernel, is responsible for standby or processing tasks such as lightweight, energy-saving special. When you check your email or brush micro-blog, just use low power kernel.

in addition, Apple has also improved GPU graphics processor unit and ISP image signal processor, then the most effective combination together, display, multimedia and image processing task of graphics, also can pay by these components to complete, specialize in much faster and more efficient. Style=

eight core is the mainstream, A10 four core is enough? Style= margin-bottom: "15px

> 15px; "Qualcomm have had a distinctive lesson example, last year its first eight core flagship mobile chip Snapdragon 810, due to the temperature and energy efficiency has become the biggest cause of just passable, then a high pass. In fact, in recent years has been a professional or private on multi-core chips has been extensively studied, is not difficult to find that most of the time, usually only one or two core work, and even a large number of other core completely closed state. Style= margin-bottom: "15px


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