[Video] interview with the Tencent Zheng Xianglin: mobile advertising market has risen, China Mobile marketing standards need to establish

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MMAzhongguo· 2016-09-14 06:37:11

MMA China is a global non-profit organization Marketing Association (MMA), the Chinese branch of the "wireless marketing alliance" (Mobile), entered China in April 2011.

in once a year at the MMA conference, Adexchanger.cn interviewed the vice president of Tencent Inc, MMA Chinese wireless marketing alliance chairman Zheng Xianglin (Steven Chang).

he believes that although the development of the Internet China slow than in the West for more than ten years, but the development of the speed of China market soon, very large. In just four years, China Mobile has nearly doubled the growth of Internet users, mobile advertising is also from ten billion level, the development of one hundred billion, so the establishment of mobile marketing standards become increasingly important.

from China Mobile marketing standard established the overall point of view, on the one hand, need to foreign standards as a reference, on the other hand, MMA Chinese hope according to the unique local Chinese, improvement of Western standards, the implementation of a China version of the mobile marketing standard.

as the most influential China media Tencent Inc, at present, has been effectively carried out the action, with the data research company global famous Nelson cooperation, launched China digital advertising ratings standard (DAR).

80% Tencent currently users from the mobile terminal, in the next stage, many the Tencent will reserve dimensions in the media, new media technology development, user interactive experience and data computing continue to force, to create a new experience of mobile media is more abundant and unique for the user.

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