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Artificial intelligence Tencent wisdom

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9 12, known as the barometer of a new digital marketing Tencent wisdom summit kicked off in Beijing, the summit of the technology for the pilot smart marketing" as the theme Zheng Xianglin, vice president of Tencent Inc and known as the "digital economy" the father of the chief executive of Tapscott Don Tapscott, and the global digital marketing elite full from Lenovo, IBM, McKinsey, Jingdong, Luma Partners, isobar, SAP, BMW, AdMaster and other companies appear, multi angle insight into industry trends, discuss artificial intelligence (ArtificialIntelligence, referred to as AI) brought to the field of marketing opportunities and challenges, and the marketing people should be how to deal with.

Zheng Xianglin believes that AI will bring four changes of

< P style= margin-bottom: 31px text-align: justify; marketing; ">" AI era come, the technical level is undergoing a profound revolution, such as machine learning, block chain technology, the company and the industry will change the pattern "Don Tapscott said in a speech. For marketing purposes, the same is also faced with the upgrade and change AI drive. Zheng Xianglin from the content production to the scene, the user interaction, the media matrix and put four aspects of the way AI is changing the future of the entire marketing.

based on the Tencent at the summit issued a "white paper" Tencent marketing wisdom, this is called "digital marketing manual" covers the most complete digital marketing method based on panoramic era on the MIND 5, and provides new dimensions for marketing. At the same time, Tencent jointly issued the "wisdom of the capital", in order to practice the AI trend of the whole scene and big data marketing exploration.

from big data to artificial intelligence

with the change of times, the change of technology, the core value of marketing from Big Idea into Big Data. Today, a Idea Big need to pass big data, to find a number of matching media, to establish contact with consumers. The moment every day produces nearly 18 trillion G data, and was truly intelligent development and utilization of only 1% of the total amount of data. These data are very large and have not reached the human level, but the AI is a piece of cake. With the expansion of the amount of data, subdivision, big data is to AI evolution, AI will reshape the analysis of the entire marketing, production and process. In the AI era, "Data Big" will become a more important marketing productivity, helping marketers to develop the unlimited potential of big data.

AI will promote digital marketing transformation and reconstruction of

specific to the current market, Zheng Xianglin believes the AI will bring four changes.

AI first, let more wisdom. If the big data to change the content of the production, then AI is familiar with people's way of thinking. For example: "house of cards", Tencent homemade variety show "you normally do", will be combined with the big data analysis to create more high-quality content. Tencent's news robot during the Olympic Games, through the big data analysis to select the news point, grab content, and in accordance with the specific news topic into a draft, about 3000 Tencent Olympic information reports are from the hands of. The robot writers "work more to" writing "communication writing" further more, AI expression of the "wisdom" attribute.

Second, AI to reach the scene more dynamic. The current marketing still needs to be through the population attributes, user behavior and other labels to a user to draw a map. In the future, there will be more and more moments of interest in the content of the label is tapped to use, the more dynamic tags, the more close to the user "at that time," the state, can be more clearly determine the user's "then" interest points. The more perfect the data, the more the information presented, the more detailed the brand and the user's communication.

Third, AI let the scene more interactive content. For example, Tencent sports live NBA specialization and innovation, to provide an interactive scene more perfect for users to watch. Users can interact with the touch screen to watch the scene of the guests and the host of the exciting reviews and analysis. In this transition, the static content of the scene into an interactive scene, the user from a single view into a deep involvement. Through the interaction of social data and other in-depth mining, and even to reveal the potential of the inner needs of the user's consumer behavior accurately predict.

Fourth, AI let the media management more intelligent. Learning user data through the depth of artificial intelligence, through the program on the path to touch up, realize the transformation matrix from the artificial media management automation: a cross media terminal, cross platform, tracking the historical footprint, user analysis, similar to the crowd, suddenly put the investment interest change.

AI under the trend of Tencent's forward-looking layout

Tencent at the summit issued the" wisdom to win the Tencent the white paper collection pin white paper ", Tencent 10 years of marketing experience at home and abroad to capture digital, digital marketing trends, insight into the user changes and needs of the brand, from the original advertising, sports marketing, product effect one, procedures, new generation of the eight aspects of the marketing and marketing direction of all users to change scenarios.

at the same time, based on the whole marketing scene, advocate" digital marketing method for performance evaluation, full automation, interactive navigation, ecological marketing difference "on the MIND5.0 version also released together with the white paper. Push in the MIND methodology, the Tencent will focus on optimizing the media model, let the consumer scene of the media to achieve maximum value, and to achieve better advertising monitoring and optimization, and ultimately from "touch up" and "touch" to "trigger" the full path to full coverage.

summit, Tencent also joint Jingdong jointly issued the latest "marketing and business solutions to achieve docking Beijing Teng wisdom"

Tencent is also a joint Jingdong announced data docking and drive sales of the new marketing solutions, "Jing Teng wisdom", in this scheme, the Tencent and Jingdong to achieve full integration of big data, through the Tencent coverage information, entertainment, social and other user scenarios to accumulate data recording, analysis and study, to achieve product efficiency and product business be made one.

the Tencent wisdom summit in Beijing field ended, next to Shanghai, Guangzhou, the leader of the global Internet, digital marketing experts, AI will continue to explore the profound effect on marketing, and the role of the parties change Chinese power marketing industry entered the AI era.

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