About Alipay cash charges we compiled some tips and misunderstanding

Alipay cash

shouyoujianghu· 2016-09-17 15:00:17

at noon today, Alipay announced, announced the operation cost rise, by October 12, 2016, Alipay will also implement cash charge policy.

it is understood that the individual users exceeded the amount of free cash, Alipay will charge a service fee of 0.1% (the same with WeChat," color: RGB style= users enjoy 20 thousand yuan per person a total amount of withdrawals free basis (WeChat 1000 yuan), the single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan to 0.1 yuan fee.

Alipay cash involved" withdrawals to my bank card "and" transfer to the other bank card "two functions, the adjusted amount being beyond the free service fee will be charged in accordance with 0.1% of the amount of cash.

at the same time, the balance of treasure transferred funds will continue to be free, including transferred to my bank card, transferred to the Alipay .

however, we found that many students of Alipay's cash charges, there are still some errors of . Style= margin-top: "15px

1. on the 20 thousand line. Style=

tell you an unfortunate fact. Each user accumulated 20 thousand of the free amount, style= color: "RGB " refers to the cumulative amount of life, rather than 20 thousand per year. that is, this free line, covering the whole of your life from October 12, 2016 onwards. Style= margin-top: "15px

2. Taobao seller is not a pill .

some students are not kindhearted, after hearing the news on Taobao in the silent snickering reticulocyte who thought they were pills. But you might want to be more.

cash charge policy, only for individual users, Alipay certified businesses is not subject to any influence. generally include: Taobao, Tmall, these businesses Taobao auction sellers, the seller, the seller, 1688 village Amoy partner Alipay effectively contracted merchants etc.. If these users are transferred to my bank card, is still free. Style= margin-top: "15px

3. universal balance treasure, can all become free.

balance treasure withdrawals free . So, clever kids have come up with a solution to the balance of the money into the balance of treasure, and then transferred to the bank card, "margin-top: 15px style=

can only say that you underestimate ma Dad. In fact, since October 12th, the balance of treasure withdrawals will be based on the source of funds to determine the return path from the bank card to transfer funds transfer path is a bank card; from the balance of funds transferred to the balance of returns, still only from the balance of cash, a total of more than 20 thousand need to charge. Style= margin-top: "15px

4. only to mention to their own bank card before charging, to other people is not related to . Style= margin-top: "15px

by WeChat transfer and the impact of the present logic, many users will also produce the above misunderstanding. The fact is that Alipay's withdrawal of charges involving a total of two, cash to my bank card "and" transfer to the other bank card "two functions.

here and pay WeChat difference is that WeChat can only transfer to the other side of WeChat change, in fact cash cost by the payee to bear. Alipay, the cost is borne by the payer at this time.

"Alipay withdrawal charges what is going on?"

Alipay and WeChat

it for us, what method can not affect people's daily fee? Official micro-blog summed up the 8 methods, for reference only (not bad money Hao can ignore)" max-width::

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