Venus Venus first exposure ex-wife Yuhong photo exposure

Her first boyfriend photo exposure Yu Hong his ex-wife Jin Xingxiu

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< p > according to reports, sister Kim's boyfriend, first love is an American, named Griffith, he usually wears a pair of black frame glasses, who man the wild, but there are also gentle gentleman, two big legs.


at the time when Venus was performing in Dallas, he met him, the man is a cowboy, operating his own farm in Texas. Two people fall in love after Venus crazy to give up everything for love. At that time, Venus for him to give up the love dance career, followed her boyfriend to his cattle ranch! Later, her boyfriend persuaded Venus returned to New York to pursue a dance career, saying, "you do not belong to the farm, you belong to the stage" end the love of two people. < p < p align = "center" >

< br / > Venus is in very early very early ago to realize himself lived a little girl, she should not be manhood. So why Venus will get married? Let's see Venus degeneration of wife photos! Venus 23 years old and his wife Kenbolin marriage, the marriage, for Venus, only has legal effect, there is no practical significance. In her own words, "I didn't touch any girl before I was ever." Venus in the United States dancing classmate Eric's girlfriend < p < p > Venus degeneration before his wife Kenpoli, 1990, Eric and his girlfriend because New York rent is too expensive, want to and share of Venus Venus with Kenpoli joking said: you and I get married, you have a free place to stay, I was able to get a green card, this is not the best of both worlds thing?? < p < p align = "center" >

< p > two days later, joke come true, three young hee hee ha ha to register. When the bridegroom bride is completely "sister", the bride's boyfriend became a witness. A registered marriage of the municipal government, the door, 3 people happy to laugh. In 2000, the Venus in the Thai performances when, suddenly received the "wife" Kenpoli phone, asked for a divorce, because Kenpoli has been pregnant for and intend to with her lover officially married. After the divorce formalities out of the embassy, Venus is standing on the street laughing for a long time.

she had thought that in the United States, as long as 7 people do not live together for two months, you can automatically divorce, in fact, the situation is not the case. She and Kenbolin joke marriage, should continue for 10 years. "Life is really a ridiculous play ah!" until the divorce, once the Chinese handsome guy Venus has become a daughter.

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