Comprehensive upgrade of the entertainment feature + layout iOS10 system mobile phone QQ once again lead the field of social networking

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zhuyi· 2016-09-17 15:26:42

QQ v6.5.5 recently, mobile phone version of a comprehensive on-line, the new version of the video call, photo editing, picture settings and other entertainment applications, upgrade the taste more in line with the function of the current preferences and habits of young people. Constantly trying to make fun of QQ no doubt in a one-stop solution to the user in daily life and work on the basis of a variety of needs, to further enhance the user stickiness.

is of particular concern is that the mobile phone QQ again "pre emptive" -- the rapid reaction of iOS 10 system open ecosystem, introduced for the new version of QQ iOS 10 system equipped with iPhone mobile phone two features: Callkit call interface (voice communication interface in the mobile phone QQ iPhone desktop displays into operation taking the call interface) and Sirikit (direct message through the SIRI function of the phonetic system, can be sent directly to voice operation to achieve the QQ message), the QQ has also become involved in the first call interface platform. />


"Curve Wrecker afraid afraid of the slow need to start early.," "early"

itself is the industry leader, but QQ is not "sleep without any anxiety" day, but continued to develop new functions, young application, has kept upgrading iteration speed of products, especially in the new resources and new cooperation the cross industry dynamic aspect is "keen sense of smell".

; "the v6.5.5 version of QQ iOS 10 mobile phone access system for iPhone mobile phone Callkit call interface and Sirikit message to the two functions, become the social field in this kind of application on the first" eat crab "software. The rapid expansion of

China Mobile Internet phone market, eroding the original telephone market, the three operators are no longer confined to the original key selling calls, SMS and other services, entered the "era of flow". In the mobile phone market, the competition is also fierce, the phone QQ phone with a strong user base and frequency of use, the proportion of market share in the industry for the first time in the first place. Previously published data show that QQ audio and video to participate in the number of users has more than 200 million, the full length of a single day call longer than 1 billion 500 million minutes, equivalent to 25 million hours, 5707 years, a record of the industry. />


will play QQ, solve too many users worry

Tencent in what young user preferences have accurate judgment, let the success in product design always tease high customer satisfaction and a sense of surprise. In this regard, QQ's entertainment has been the way of social competition in the fierce competition in the industry has always been a big tool.

, in a narrow sense, associated with the star entertainment at the application level, mobile phone QQ worked with Angela baby and Jing Bairan and many other stars, the latest version of the boot animation, the goddess Tang Yan will invite users to video call, personal demonstration video special effects of new gameplay, allowing users to more clearly and intuitively understanding mode of operation.

from a more broad view of the entertainment application point of view, the mobile phone QQ will be more functions of entertainment upgrade and rich, more interesting, create new ways of social suitable for young people, including in the video chat can open the "beauty" mode and add "widgets" and "interactive expression" effect set up personal information card, video dynamic picture, in the chat interface photographs can be directly edited after sending QQ album space theme shared by many people and set the friend view permissions, flash and image burn after reading a variety of new features, personalization, safety, convenience and other aspects to give users better experience.

in addition to "play", mobile phone QQ has also attached great importance to expand in the office level functions, such as name card scanning paper import function, together with the voice, and the group of friends in the group video calls, video conferencing and other functions have been added to the updated version,. To improve and optimize the

mobile phone QQ in every function of the details, the attribute of social media for multi-dimensional extension, the user is in use, no longer need to separate through the map, schedule management and other types of software are cumbersome to switch operation, but only need to solve all kinds of entertainment and office demand through QQ, this will inevitably further consolidate the entrance position of QQ. />

Zhu Yi (zhuyiweixin)

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