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2016 "Sea Island" Changshan Islands marathon


20169 > 117:00 Changshan Islands marathon in Changhai County dachangshan the island town of the county government square start firing, from the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan, Mongolia and the 16 provinces and autonomous regions of the 4000 contestants along the beautiful Dachangshan Island Island Road passion run!

the contest by Changhai County People's government organized sports broadcasting bureau, Changhai County Dachangshan Island town government, Dalian Sima Fonda sports co.. The game is divided into the full marathon, half marathon, km run, run, family health couples run projects.


cosplay players, rich and unique seafood supply, multi track performance and considerate service, let the Island Marathon is full of joy, also let the Changshan Islands in many domestic marathon marathon become an independent school.

after fierce competition from Dalian Liu Maoyu in 3 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds to win the men's full title, Yu Wei from Dalian in 3 hours, 52 minutes and 12 seconds to win the women's first full name!


if it is between the island of

this night maxed circle of friends theme ----- art label, so many runners lose self-control. Event operator Sima Fonda avant-garde sports event concept, sports and fashion culture, the organic integration, every event has a unique label.


Pikou port, sea island for players already crazy;

Guanglu island mountain marathon, with deep feelings of the island event;


perfect event service

in Pikou port set up reception station opened ticket Easy Access contestants; provide shuttle bus

the Organizing Committee for the living in Yang Village players, and provides a centralized Camp Camp for love to do to protect players. The service of

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, the Organizing Committee official provides 30000 distilled bottle of Watsons water, 30000 200, "font-family: style= 12000 20000 banana, "font-family: 15001000 kg melon, 1000 marine island sea scallops as recharge events.

innovation gun ceremony, invited players, sponsors and volunteers to participate in the event, embodies the humanistic care of


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2015 Changshan Islands enjoy the best domestic marathon marathon in the world to eat," 2016, the organizing committee has increased the supply of inputs and characteristics of events, in addition to the standard 17 station, there are nearly 20 characteristics of supply station supplies content Including: Scallop in Shell, Haihong, crab, sea cucumber soup, sea grapes, seafood processing instant food, watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, beer, cola, etc.. It's definitely a game to eat.


Cosplay style= "font-family: player Xuandong island

the Changshan Islands marathon cosplay players have accounted for all competitors 50%; both in abundance, or other innovation, has been far beyond the last game; players will play more and more creative, and their spirit of entertainment, competition has become the biggest thing!

happy atmosphere

bands, clowns, dance, violin, gun squad and other special arrangements for the track of joy. Simple island people and the enthusiasm of the runners will be the track into a sea of joy. After the game a lot of players excited, said: this atmosphere, so that the acceleration simply can not stop!!


2017 in Changshan Islands Marathon Organizing Committee will be the official launch of cosplay theme.

ready for your passion and creativity, 2017, goodbye!

event photos please login: I cloud view download; click "read the text" can direct link;

event results, will be published in the official website tonight: www.42195marathon.com;

2016 ring Huangnichuan Dalian motocross  

running circle (weallrunner)

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