How to achieve precision waterproof iPhone7 first dismantling & brief, battery 1960mAh have to upgrade 2G+128GTLC

IPhone battery waterproof precision how to

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remove the tail plug screw, the lock screen and back lift

then to be heated in order to separate the mobile phone screen and the back shell part of the

[img3 ]

first suction screen then pick up some about" text-align:center padding-right: style=

be slightly careful this time line direction is somewhat different from the left side to open the screen

above the metal sheet as due to cable protection so we have to put it to solve the

in the off screen cable before you will disconnect the battery cable so as not to screen or PCB on

is a pressure in the line above the sheet metal cross screwdriver on

since part of the cable with the full screen board completely stripped can you remove the

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1200 megapixel camera supports optical image stabilization process is very

disconnect the power cable

this part is the antenna connector first remove the screws

en antenna connectors so split down

and a screw removed the

screw ing

remember Cato remove dead or pry but to a big problem with

two straight tail plug cable connector to antenna down off the

most The connotation of the board were separated successfully by

remove three Tapic Engine three screws

remove the two screws fixed baffle disconnect Tapic Engine cable from Tapic Engine is really a super

out fixed battery easy to glue, two, remove the battery, the battery rated capacity of 1960mA / h

battery go you

here is the speaker part after four screws removed out of RF cables


three tail plug cable fixed screw of a sticker apparently removed after be perfect to restore the

speaker interface part banana circle empty sound hydrophobic nature is to waterproof

torn tail plug cable, tail plug cable integrated lightning interface, speaker interface Tapic Engine interface, two mic,

remove the three volume button screws

two more power button screws

remove flash fixed baffle

can see the mute button outside of a waterproof sealing ring

it was loose down

back up the handset screen module & speaker baffle and

front camera to take off the baffle after tilt text-align:center; p>

don't care about the handset is removed

front camera can not run away from the

see this one baffle baffle is Touch ID

disconnect cable Touch ID you go. This will press it down the Home key, feel the good

the massive Taptic Engine mobile phone offers a wide variety of vibration feedback iPhone 7 will cancel the headset jack a portion of the space certainly comes from its" text-align:center

can see, such as the volume keys, mute dial button as well as speaker may have contact with the outside world, a rubber seal exists, preventing water from entering . Part of the lighting interface is protected by a hydrophobic coating . It can be said that basically through the rubber to water, there is no special technology.

then talk iPhone 7 motherboard what are the meaning of"".

first very obvious is the A10 Fusion processor compared to the previous, area becomes larger, the POP package, the upper part is RAM, the capacity is 2GB, the lower half of the A10 processor. Below the processor is Qualcomm MDM9645 baseband processor, the highest support s / 450Mb download speed.

subsequently is relatively large SIM card if the future can slot in the mobile phone

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