What is the "peace world" of human society"

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< p >, the original title: what is human society's "peaceful world" < p > < strong > recently, the mainstream media have sound, elaborating communism as the scientific ideal and belief, the spirit of the banner, justifiably, demonstrated strong. The communist ideal is Chinese sing the song. But in the hearts of some readers, there may be doubt that communism is how to bear fruit in the Chinese, air plant? How to treat the setbacks of the Communist movement in the world? Under the new historical conditions, how should we adhere to the ideal of communism? Wait。 This article is easy to answer these questions, I hope to give you inspiration and thinking.

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1 world where, what is the future of mankind, this is the relationship between the development trend, the fate of mankind's big problem. In the part of the people there and temporal attention instead of the distant reveries, confusion in the mind of the weakened the firm faith, the spread of religion fill the spiritual emptiness. However, if human eyes are always staring at the foot, will eventually lose their own. History will prove that communism is we must firmly hold high the banner. Then, in the world multi polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, the information society of today's world in national rejuvenation in the big to today's strong critical stage of China, uplift the banner of communism?

communism as the ultimate goal, and pointed out the highest ideal of national revival. Since the eighteen party, the realization of the "one hundred two year" goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Communist Party of China's political mission, to become the common dream of the about 1300000000 Chinese people. Chinese nation from 5000 years long civilization, after more than 170 years of arduous process of national rejuvenation, and now the most close to this grand goal, need to further clarify the issue of where to go. Our national revival, not back to the Qin and Han Dynasty heyday, not to follow the example of Europe and the United States capital of the Empire, but to the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the end, the mission of our party's governance and the national goal of link up, connect the future and destiny of China's future and destiny of the world, "a peaceful world, round the world with this cool heat."

communism as the goal of value, determined the fundamental principles of reform and opening up. Comprehensively deepen reform, so that the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources; adhere to open development, with good two markets, two resources, two sets of rules; to build a new international relations, to build a community of human destiny. Want to ask, these new changes, new pattern and new concept, is not means that the direction of China's development and the trend. Don't ask surname "agency" surname "endowment"; is not China in the international community will use the discourse system of "unified" the. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphatically pointed out that to deepen reform and opening-up initiatives. "These are reflecting the content of the basic principles of scientific socialism under the new historical conditions, if these lost, it would not be the socialist the." Unequivocally marked Communist value highly, show that China's reform and opening up, actively absorb the outstanding achievements of capitalist civilization of human civilization, especially, pursuit is higher than the ideal value higher than that of the capital market rules, Marx pointed out the "by consuming minimal power, in the most worthy and the most suitable to their human nature down this material transformation".

communism as a target of faith, highlighting the lofty realm of the Communist party. Beheading does not matter, as long as the true doctrine". Is a group of revolutionary martyrs to sincere belief Communists at man's life and family possessions. Communism as a scientific belief, set up is not easy, in the contemporary world changing rapidly, in socialism in frustration and low tide, in hold power in the face of various powerful interests temptation, in black, gray, yellow life values concept have flocked to, in real life exist such negative phenomena, "insist Aoyama do not relax," "a thousand million hit mill is also strength", life committed to adhere to, a generation of people passing the torch is extremely not easy. We see that some party members, cadres, including senior cadres, loss of ideals and beliefs collapse, did not mind the masses of the people, not the interests of the state, ignoring the party discipline, not moral constraints, to the cause of the party and the people caused much harm. Ideal and belief is the communist spirit of "calcium", with a firm belief in the ideals, stations is high, have a wide outlook, mind is open, can be in difficulties and adversity is not depressed did not waver, withstand the test of all the risks and difficulties, consciously resist the erosion of all decadent ideas, maintain a communist political qualities.

2 "Great Harmony World" is a beautiful ideal of human being. Road trip also, things, in pre Qin "the book of rites Datong", describes a harmonious and friendly, selfless no profit, "pity widowed lonely disabled person all has been raised the ideal world. In ancient Greece, Platon's "ideal country", just for Germany, no family, children and public support, "philosophy king" in power. These thoughts of the early human beings, more of the original public ownership of the recall and attachment, not to stop the production of the rolling wheel.

socialism 500 years, from the idea of science, from theory to practice, from a country to practice the development of the country, the theory and practice of communism in the development of rich, testing and training, deepening. Utopian socialists saw the internal contradictions of the capitalist mode of production, but because at that time the development of capitalism is not mature, they had to from their minds conceived new social elements, use rational interpretation of history, with ideas to inspire the world. Marx, Engels founded the scientific socialism, first of all, on the basis of the reality of socialism. Socialism is no longer a product of abstract principles or a rational thinking, but a product of historical movements based on reality. "What we call communism is the reality of the present situation. The condition of the movement is produced by the existing premises." Marx accumulated decades of painstaking effort, in Critique of political economics, wrote "Das Kapital", is in the era of economic movement, in the inner contradiction of surplus value, in the trend of change of the mode of production for capitalism why perish and socialism how to build, how to realize the communism under the reality.

communism is the requirement of the development of social production. With the help of capitalism first technological and industrial revolution, productivity to speed up and scale up, never heard of before. Machine big industry caused the production material, the production process, the production organization, the labor product socialization, but the social possession form is still the capitalist possession. Possession of the socialization of production and capitalist incompatibility, requirements products initially slavery producers and enslave the possession of possession, let in products based approach to the nature of the modern means of production: from society occupies directly, as maintain and expand production information; on the other hand, by the individual direct possession, as a means of subsistence and development data.

communism is the development requirements of the universal communication. Capitalism has opened the course of history to the history of the world. "Capital is by its nature, and it seeks to transcend all space." The formation of the world market and the innovation of transportation and communication have not only developed the material transformation of human labor, but also developed the social relations and social degree of human beings. Past that local and national self-sufficiency and closing the country to international intercourse, all aspects of the nation's dealings with each other and depend on each other instead. The universality of communication promotes the people's sense of community, and promotes the formation of the human body. The capitalist mode of production caused by the whole mankind, depend on each other as the basis for the universal communication, as the new world and the creation of the material basis, also has formed beyond the narrow capital of negative factors, to act as a "historical unconscious tool".

communism is the requirement of the development of social equality. Enlightenment scholars in the 18th century hit the banner of "liberty, equality and fraternity", reflects the idea of "all men are created equal", is actually in the fight for the fraternity of capital movement of freedom of market transaction, the equality, within the same class. Marx and Engels from the materialist conception of history of realize soberly, cleavage of society into exploiting class and the exploited class, the ruling class and the oppressed classes, people being affected social relations and division of labor of slavery is to productivity development as the basis. In the development of social productive forces to achieve a high level of development stage, "the equality of all members of the community, in line with the development of human dignity, it is possible", people will be able to become the owner of their social relations.

communism is the development of people's comprehensive requirements. "Every man's free development is the condition of the free development of all people", and it is the determination of the highest value of Communist society in the Communist Manifesto. Capitalist mode of labor, on the one hand by the specialization of labor, fixed, labor efficiency improve and workers to become enterprise organization "conscious organ"; on the one hand and in does not stop the reform and innovation, prompting the full flow of the transformation of labor, workers, produce the universality and comprehensive of the personal relationships and personal ability. But the development of capitalism is at the expense of people's one-sided and even deformity, it is not only a waste of human blood and meat, but also a waste of human wisdom and nerve". Marx's analysis pointed out that to the advanced stage of communism, as a personal slave like to obey division disappear, when the work is not only a means to earn a living and itself into the life first need, can realize people's development in an all-round way, enter "as an end in itself ability development of the" realm of freedom, this is communism "will be re master self ideal and goal.

3 "Communist Manifesto" has been published for nearly 160 years, the time and space changes. Capitalism from free capitalism to monopoly capitalism, from entering the industrial capitalist industrial capitalism, capital output from commodity capital and money capital, financial capital to intellectual capital in various forms, the mode of economic development from the capital for the elements of the core driven to driven by science and technology innovation as the core, technological and industrial revolution from the mechanization and electrification to automation, information technology, green. Capitalist countries experienced many of the economic crisis, financial crisis, social crisis and political crisis concussion, has experienced two world wars of destruction and reconstruction, experiencing the impact of colonial independence and liberation, experienced and cold war and competition of the socialist camp, experience the self renewal of various fields of "revolution" "New Deal" and "doctrine, experiencing another war with the terrorism. Disease and vitality in the same, block and forward Qi drive. It can't be denied that capitalism is still alive in the present. We from the middle of the 19th century to the historical changes in the first 20 years of the 21st century, see Marx and Engels year of in-depth study, scientific research, of contemporary capitalism, the contradiction between the tendency and law still has a thorough explanation and effective foresight. Should also be admitted that the complexity and uncertainty of the evolution of the society, there are many unpredictable factors and events, Marx and Engels some judgment and prediction, especially the bourgeois die and proletarian victory inevitable conclusion, has not yet become a reality. The Communist society is based on the trend of the development of capitalism, how to treat the development and destiny of contemporary capitalism is a major issue related to the establishment of the ideal and the firm belief.

class contradictions can not ease the inherent contradictions of capital, capitalism is by no means a thousand years of the kingdom". Since the middle of last century, capitalist countries of the technological and industrial revolution, drive productivity, social income growth generally, an increase in the number of middle class, working class democratic rights expand, class contradictions eased. But at the same time, the capital yield is still significantly more than the economic growth rate, capital income is still far greater than the labor income. Not only the social inequality has not reduced, but in the further expansion, the basic reason lies in the unequal capital ownership. "Occupy Wall Street" a few years ago, is a kind of protest of the American people. More important is, brought about by the capitalist system of inequality is global, developed and developing countries there is a huge wealth gap, the contrast between the wealthy and poverty of the shocking, global inequality become major issues of the 21st century political. In such a ship a variety of potential crisis ferry, looking forward to perpetuate the capitalism, that gap between the rich and the poor is perfectly justified, reasonable and lawful, only self-interest Bimu, wishful thinking on the part of. The sustainable development of productivity of

is objectively favorable to the growth of socialist factors in capitalism. Marx and Engels from the historical process of the rapid development of capitalism, see the capitalism itself gave birth to a new social economic factors and the main force, see the hope of the dawn of socialism and communism. In today's world, capitalism's new progress in science and technology and industrial revolution, new achievements in innovation and social civilization and progress, is not a socialist beliefs shaken reason, not communism slim without evidence of hope, but the truth of Marxism scientific proof is new illustration of the development of human society. Whether it is "mobile" wave "big data era" and "Internet plus" 4 "industrial", or ESOP, democratic participation, social welfare, charity, is the contribution of science and technology and social innovation of human civilization, is the future of the new society for material, technology and social conditions are beneficial the resources for the construction and development of socialist countries in the world. To see the development of the contemporary capitalism from the perspective of the history of human society, the relationship between capitalism and socialism is both competitive and studying. Is not a zero sum game, but cooperation and mutual benefit. As a developing socialist country must learn human civilization especially civilization created by capitalism to develop to grow their own, to create competitive advantage, in an invincible position.

war and the revolution is not the only way to the destruction of capitalism, the people in the creation of history to create a new way of social progress. Since the 20th century, experienced a significant shift from war and revolution to the era theme of peace and development, and solving, production relations and superstructure, the way of the transformation of world pattern, the form of war, battle system, class contradictions, there are many new characteristics of the times. Which makes the capitalist society in a relatively smooth transition period, the socialist and capitalist who wins and who loses in the contest in a number of areas, is a long-term process, the form of capitalist society to new social transformation has a variety of ways. Fundamentally said that people to create the history. Create the direction and mode of historical change, create the system and mechanism of social form, create people's body constitution and polity. The historical destiny of capitalism is not decided by a small number of capital giants, financial oligopoly, political elites, but is determined by the people, the people, and the people.

42017 years is the 100 anniversary of the October revolution. In the past one hundred years, the achievements of the victory of the socialist revolution and socialist construction, such as the former Soviet Union in the world anti fascist war and the socialist camp in the role of mainstay, especially socialist China stands firmly in the, to yearn for the socialist people around the world to great inspiration and stronger confidence. At the same time, the drastic changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, socialist movement suffered major setbacks, and socialist construction of their own mistakes and errors, also once to socialist reputation caused great harm, to the ideals and beliefs of many Communist Party members and the masses of the people caused great impact. Fukuyama in the United States had to the end of the cold war, Su Dong revulsion as "the end of history", think that the western liberal democracy is the best choice for human political, but also the final form. If according to this theory, the ideal of socialism, communism belief is not a place to live in. This requires that we effectively deal with the negative in the history of socialist thought, scientific summary of the October Revolution in the past one hundred years of the socialist revolution and construction experience, a correct understanding of the long-term nature of the socialist practice of the daunting complexity, efforts to promote the innovation of socialism with Chinese characteristics development new situation, set up the belief of communism on the basis of the history of scientific practice.

exploration, to show the advantages, the socialist road is the right way in the world. Socialist construction is a field with unprecedented breadth and depth of the new social practice, is bound with exploring the nature of the test, blaze new trails. Due to various reasons, socialism is the first in the development of capitalism is relatively weak in Russia, and not as Marx, Engels, as expected in the development of capitalism more mature Western Europe in North america. In the economically and culturally backward country in the East, in soil in semi colonial and semi feudal society established the socialist system, is the important contribution to scientific socialism of the Communist Party of China, also means that the doubly hard, more complicated, more twists and turns. Soviet model promoted the rapid development of economy and society in the Soviet Union under specific historical conditions, quickly realized the industrialization, the country's leading science and technology development, and the Soviet Union became a super power to contend with the United States. However, due to the lack of economic construction experience, lack of understanding of the economic law, with the passage of time, the drawbacks of increasingly exposed, seriously hindered the sustained and healthy economic and social development, paid a heavy historical cost. After the founding of new China, on the basis of the rapid healing of war trauma and the recovery of the national economy, our country creatively carried out socialist transformation and established the basic system of socialism. How to build socialism in China is a new task that our party is facing. Socialism with positive results despite exploring course of frustrations and hardships, was a serious setback, but the construction of socialism has obtained the extremely valuable and new historical period started with Chinese characteristics provides valuable experience and theoretical preparation, the material basis. For hundreds of years of history of socialist construction, to persist in seeking truth from facts, distinguish between the mainstream and tributaries, uphold the truth, correct mistakes, to carry forward the experience, lessons, "fear clouds cover eyes, to the height of history the firm consciously confident Road, the theory of confidence, confidence in the system.

the deviation, will capsize, the socialist law is the iron law. The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe over the past 20 years, as a warning for the future, reflection on this great historical incident continues. The disintegration of the Soviet Union is the result of external and internal reasons, political reasons and economic reasons, the party's reasons and social reasons, the long-term evolution of the people and the masses. To analyze the reasons and reflect the lessons, it is essential to make clear that the disintegration of the Soviet Union is the failure of socialism or the failure of socialism. The answer is self-evident. Soviet in the 1980s after the economic adjustment and reform, western economic theory and political thought about, deviated from the correct direction, to weaken the role of the socialist economic base and superstructure of the erosion. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the fierce struggle in the ideological field give up the position, loss of principle, allow historical nihilism prevails, complete negation of Soviet history, the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the negation of Lenin, the negation of Stalin, the top leaders itself is the history of communism in the Soviet Union decides who, resulting in a serious ideological confusion. Soviet Party cadres in the hierarchy, privilege and other vested interests in front of the lack of self revolution courage, gradually from the masses, the increasingly losing people, abandoned the socialist concept, corrupted the image of socialism. It can be seen that the socialist principles cannot deviate from, socialist law can not be contrary to, otherwise, it will be eliminated by history, the people rejected by socialist "delisting".

reform and innovation, enhance concentration, the future of socialism in practice. The founding of new China 60 years especially since 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economic strength, comprehensive national strength has increased dramatically, the significant improvement in the lives of the people and the status of an unprecedented increase, the total economy leapt to second in the world, the successful implementation of the crossing from low-income countries to middle-income countries. Such development, such great changes, in the history of human development are rare, is the new great practice of scientific socialism in china. No matter how to comprehensively deepen reform, how to create a new situation of opening to the outside world, it is to insist on the right direction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Now, some people talk about the road, the road, some want to pull back on, some want to lead astray. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "in the road, direction, position, and other major issues of principle, the banner should be clear, the attitude should be clear, can not have the slightest ambiguity." Party's eighteen years, to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups, closely around the struggles of two hundred years, the goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's dream, the flag directional, stylistic rules and layout, to tackle tough, strong base solid this, fully promote new development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, writing a Chinese characteristic socialism new chapter. The ideal and struggle of the 500 years of socialism is a continuation of the theory and practice of scientific socialism. The prospect and fate of socialism and communism beliefs consolidated, depend on in the 21st century even after a longer period of socialist practice and the history of human practice, China, major, the mission of the Communist Party of China sacred.

5 belief is essentially a historical view of the problem. Learn to master the basic theory of Marxism, especially the historical materialism, is the cornerstone of the firm ideals and beliefs of the theory of Marx. According to the theory of thinking dynamic, here to discuss two aspects of the problem.

one, with the history of the social practice of the view of human nature, to make the human nature of communism.

German classical philosopher Kant's science, morality, religion, the three major issues, the total is a question: what is human? What kind of society is directly related to what kind of society, what kind of system is possible. In ancient China, there were different opinions about human nature, human nature, evil theory, the mixture of human and good and evil, human nature, and so on. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, it has been a hot debate on the nature of human being. In the relationship between human nature and communism, some think that communism is very good, but human nature can not match, so communism can only be a utopia.

we recognize that man is the first of a natural, biological existence, with the inherent nature, biological properties. At the same time to see, in the hundreds of thousands of years from the animal kingdom is, formed in the evolution of human society, is a person to gradually dominate the animal, rational gradually penetrate to perceptual and people its unique quality gradually strengthen the process of ascension. Man is not only a tool of manufacturing, labor, practice of the main body, people still have the ideal, moral, will, have beauty, the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. This makes the human and biological, animal world with the essence of the difference. Communism, as one of the highest social ideals of the people, is put forward, and is dedicated to it. It means that communism is in the nature of human being. < p > we acknowledge that human nature is selfish, greedy, false, evil, vicious factors, the French King Louis XV "after my death even hongshuitaotian is the classic footnote," the world will be better? "Implies the skepticism of human nature. At the same time to see, since ancient times, noble, pure, kind-hearted and beautiful humanity has existed in human behavior. Hou Yi, Plo Michel J, "the legend of King Yu combating the flood stealing fire, is one of the virtues of image. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin are born to the propertied people, they become conscious leaders struggle for the liberation of the workers, a practitioner of the spirit of communism. Marx's study of the profits, capital and wealth, but not for earn profits, capital gains, the accumulation of wealth, also from time to time to Engels's aid to sustain life, but he regrets, write the "Bible" of the working class, write a version of the theory of "miserable world". 90 years, hundreds of thousands of Chinese Communist person heroic sacrifice, selfless dedication, hold the national backbone, publicity of fresh spirit of communism.

we recognize that human nature is the sum of all social relations, can not be separated from a certain social development stage, the level of historical development, to talk about the same human nature of the abstract. Market mechanism has a rational person to assume that the interests of traders are the premise and power. At the same time to see, people and society is a process of shaping each other. Subject to the nature of the people in certain social relations, social environment, social status. But people in social reforms and the construction of a new society in the process of changing update with human nature, construction of socialism and the communism is a new socialist generation, the new Communist human growth process. Human nature is not only the product of social shaping, but also the product of human's self shaping. In the true and false, good and evil, beauty and ugliness of the opposition, in the conflict between noble and humble, loyalty and betrayal, self-discipline and self indulgent, people can consciously choose to good goodness value orientation and life standard, invariant Chi, does not change the day, do not regret it.

the second, with the diversity and unity of the view of the Chinese road, to make the history of communism.

the end of the cold war, began the trend of world multi polarization; Chinese rise, breaking the dominance of the western model. In today's world, the pattern of human history and the future, which is the inspiration? The western road is no longer regarded as a generic template for all the countries in the world, China road for the development of human society opened new horizons, accordingly, some think, "claims the world a system is human society million flow to return to the ultimate goal, is a typical linear view of history, the historical and human society the true face of a far cry from the". Some even claimed that not the ultimate goal, the assassination of the Prime Minister of human ideal, only the "anything goes", discrete and disorder of the multivariate models. This involves how to look at China's road of world significance and historical significance. < p > the road sense of the world, from developing to developed countries transition, after that to investigate the generation of state change to the modern nation demonstration significance, but more to from since the middle of the last century in the total process of world history to examine, from the end of the cold war after Socialism in the unique significance of the future and the destiny of contemporary world study. China road the reason that its way for China, and not only is relatively backward economy, science and technology in developing countries, how to walk out of a different path from the development of western countries, toward the goal of modernization forward, more important is in socialism and capitalism two institutional system of competition and contest pattern, China's independent construction with Chinese characteristics socialism, in order to achieve the goal of socialist modernization. The social formation theory of historical materialism expounds that the evolution of the mode of production determines the change of the social form, and the inherent contradiction of capitalism determines the rise of socialism. In today's world, the weak of the weak in the world is a big challenge to the enhancement of the confidence of the socialism. Therefore, the interpretation of the world significance of Chinese road, the most important is explicitly socialist direction significance for the road of the development of human society, enhance the Marxist historical view points that the beliefs about the development trend of human society. At the same time, it is also a comprehensive and profound understanding of the new changes in the history of contemporary issues, the road confidence on the basis of more scientific.

socialism with Chinese characteristics is a conscious use of historical materialism in contemporary China and active practice, with national characteristics, but also not limited to localization. Because the Chinese characteristic and the historical rule are connected, in line with the law of social development is beyond the region, beyond the nation's. We say that our country not only to catch up with the times, but also to the courage to lead the trend of the times, walking in the forefront of the times, it is based on historical materialism reveals the rule of social development of the firm confidence.

contemporary world show a variety of patterns, a number of roads, the pattern of coexistence of a variety of systems. Look at the historical trends, the trend of the world, the key is to from a variety of found unity and constancy is established from the stage, from the particularity, this paper reveals the universality. Regardless of the world how to develop numerous blurred, but Marx revealed the social form "two never" always maintained a thorough explanation and persuasion. Adhere to Marxist historical view, it is necessary to prevent some narrow and one-sided understanding, and some of the history as a process of fate, ignoring the dynamic role of the subject; some of the will or power as a history of decisive factors, negative people's history a decisive role; some of the surface, in front of the eternity of the world, to give up the pursuit of the ideal of human beings in the future. Therefore, firmly establishing the world outlook and methodology of historical materialism is the theoretical basis of the common ideal of the lofty ideal of communism and the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

6 realize communism is the highest ideal and ultimate goal of the Communist Party of China, insist and develop the socialism with Chinese characteristics is the necessary stage to realize communism and firm practice. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that achieve the highest ideal need a generation after generation relay struggle, clarifies the central task of the party and the cause and achieve the highest ideal is closely related to, the majority of Party members of the vanguard and exemplary behavior and achieve the highest ideal close fit.

communism is the unity of the goal and the process, in the long historical process and the evolution of social form and gradually realize. In today's world, the socialist movement - packed in twists and turns, open up the road under pressure and confusion in the light hope. The historical practice of socialism is a practical step to the ideal goal. No matter how many centuries it has to go through, the ultimate goal of communism is to realize it in the course of a continuation of history. It is impossible to accurately predict when communism will be realized, but this goal is within the process, and the goal is the outcome of the process. In the process of the evolution of social form, the change of the social form of capitalism, socialism and Communism must be replaced. In terms of socialist society, in different countries have to go through several stages of development. Each stage of development, with stage characteristics of their own, is the quantitative qualitative change and gradual mutation gradually rising process. Upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics is a historical practice of the Communist Party of China firmly believe in the lofty ideal of communism. Without the highest ideal of the pilot, what we are doing will lose its direction and change its nature.

communism is the unity of the ideal and the reality, in the innovation practice of socialism. The ideal society is the transcendence of the real life, but it is also grown from the real life. The communist ideal is the science of belief, from the great trend of human social history, insight into the future, from the formation of private ownership and the conditions of the foreseeable change, from the socialist innovation practice to enhance confidence. The communist ideal, as a kind of social form, is to be carried out in the future; as a kind of social practice, it is now carried out in the future. The social factors, which are the ideal of communism, are living in the social life and the members of the society. Ideal in the world, the ideal in the eyes. The more the development of the socialist construction is mature, the more solid foundation of the Communist ideal. To build a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist China is the contemporary practice of the communist ideal. Ideal to lead the reality, the reality is also shaping the ideal. The communist ideal is not likely to draw a detailed blueprint for the distant future from the start. Because human practice is an expansion, innovation, endless, will encounter many new situations and new problems, the future of the world is also a picture of the times. In today's world, labor mode, development mode, communication mode, information way, including wealth way, distribution mode, exchange mode, consumption mode, all have unprecedented changes and profound changes. We firmly believe that the correct understanding of the laws of history, but also based on the overall understanding of the overall situation of the world. < p > communism is the unity of subjectivity and regularity, in the struggle of the relay of the generation after generation of Communists and progressive elements to create the future. Law of society itself contains the law of human activities, is the main body of creative practice in the play of the role, is not a natural, the fate of the process. Regularity depends on subjectivity, subjectivity confirms regularity. The highest ideal of communism is the result of the law of social production and the law of the people's creation of historical activities. Paris commune in 1871, workers with their enthusiasm and passion to devote themselves to the world's first proletarian regime. The pioneer and countless martyrs, to remain, one after another, is the socialist and communist ideal loyal practitioner. The lofty ideal and faith support, unremitting struggle spirit, is the Chinese hundred years of history. Current, fully completed a well-off society in an all-round way into the decisive stage, more need to 87 million Communist especially cadre of leaders of all levels, stood in the new history into the line, and give better play to the role of vanguard. Pioneer is an outstanding representative of the people and a pioneer role model, in the history of the critical moment, a turning point, the role of the vanguard is more important and prominent. Pioneer spirit for the mission to play, for the benefit of the people, sacrifice and dedication, pioneering and innovative, is to achieve the highest ideals of spiritual strength. To achieve the highest ideal of communism, we must have a generation of walking in the vanguard of the masses in the forefront of the times and to be promising to achieve the highest ideals of lifelong pioneer spirit. < p > (Xiao Feng Yan Department of National Defense University Marxism Research Institute researcher) < p < p > < strong > related links

< br / > the firm communist belief for the lofty ideals and struggle "article, published in 2016 March 28, people's Liberation Army 6th Edition.