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aifaner· 2016-09-21 20:02:41

" in the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone domestic explosion storm again when the U.S. operator Verizon and Sprint on the official website of the mobile phone back on the shelves. The sale of the products are safe version, has been the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety testing, silver, black and blue optional coral.

" earlier, Samsung also announced the official of South Korea will resume sales of Note7 in September 28th, but not published elsewhere to date of sale.

Samsung said yesterday that the first batch of secure version of Note7 has been shipped, the number of 500 thousand units. The company said that Samsung is the fastest speed to eliminate the impact of the issue of Note7 batteries, the safe version of the offering is a start. As for the

version of the security identification method, the Samsung official said that the security of the United States version of Note7 in the upper right corner of the box was printed on a black box, and the Australian Security version of the Note 7 package was labeled "S" logo said security.

" in addition, the old version of the battery icon color is white, safe version of the battery icon color is green. The battery icon will be displayed in a green state by the system update. In addition to the notification bar battery icon, the power button menu and the Always-On screen interface has also been updated.

" by each mobile phone unique IMEI IMEI check in Samsung's official website, also can identify whether Note 7 version for safety.

in addition to already in the sale of Verizon's Note7 and Sprint, the United States and other two operators AT&T and T-Mobile also announced the upcoming release of the Security version of this phone.

illustration from: Verizon

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