16 year old girl weighing 330 pounds of a dream to wear a beautiful dress

Shanxi skirt dream girl

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2016" in September 21st, 16 year old Diao Lili from Shandong city of Linyi Province, from birth to three months after the start to the present fat weight reached 330 pounds. Because the body is too heavy to bring a lot of inconvenience to the life of Diao Lili, others the same vision to make Diao Lili's personality has become introverted. In July 2016, the father decided to let Diao Lili leave from came to a hospital for treatment of weight loss Changchun. Young Diao Lili feel very hard to lose weight, but she said she would stick to it, because I want to go back to school early. When it comes to the future, Diao Lili said that she did not wear a skirt from a young age, but also very much like music, and so thin down after trying to wear a beautiful dress to sing. (Lan Yang - Oriental IC)

" is 1.61 metres tall and weighs 330 pounds

Diao Lili in the end how fat? Her father took the tape to the child Diao rise measured, waist circumference is 1.8 meters, the leg also is 0.65 meters thick, in the village to sell fertilizer, to help with the scale measurement, Lili's weight is 330 pounds. This is a height of 1.61 meters of the girl's weight, has exceeded the weight of a normal person.

" a 16 year old girl, but has 330 pounds of body weight, living inconvenience, but also recruit people around strange eyes, the reality and the spirit of the double pressure, she brought to countless troubles. A large body of action is very inconvenient, at home laundry, sitting in a small Mazar Lili need hard to bend, and are very heavy to sit. Because fat is afraid of heat, she a little activity, sweating.

" because of mobility, Lili school almost all morning not to go to the toilet, the toilet from the school teaching building is over two hundred meters away, only ten minutes between classes, not enough time, I from the teaching building would have to go to the toilet ten minutes, this does not include the down time. "

"Lili said, she can only drink less, stick to the noon after school, before going to the restroom. In addition to the inconvenience of living, Lili endure people around strange eyes, "every time I pick up the kids, everyone is curious to see her, there are a lot of students joke she is too fat, children self-esteem hit, many times to go home crying, which makes children more reluctant to go out, usually are bored at home in. The rise of "Diao said. "Because the child is too much weight, and even the right underwear can not buy, has not wear underwear".

" hormone drugs cause why quickly fat

Diao Lili is so fat, which makes the family remain perplexed despite much thought, "the birth of a child when is 7 and a half pounds, fairly normal, after birth than the average child long fat. At the age of 6 to 120 pounds, I feel that the child fat is not normal, also went to several hospitals in the province's view, did not find the results. "The rise of the sad diao.

" Lili Changchun just came to check, because fat is relatively thick, three nurses with needle blood in her hands, busy for half an hour is not enough to do a physical examination of the blood pump.

hospital said Diao Lili infant obesity inducement is easy to catch a cold have a fever, often use hormone drugs and antibiotics, resulting in lipid metabolism disorder, which is caused by excessive use of hormone drugs for obesity symptoms.

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