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Reference News Network reported on September 21st foreign media reports, the Russian Navy deputy commander Alexander · Fido Gannenk J said the closing ceremony of 19 days in Russia joint maritime -2016 military exercises on the armed forces of the two countries in this exercise demonstrate a high level of operational coordination.

, according to Itar TASS reported on September 19th, Fido Gannenk J said: "the army command and accept inspection, a variety of professional skills competition between the Russian Pacific Fleet and Navy officers and soldiers Chinese. During the exercise, the Pacific Fleet and the Chinese naval fleet consisting of hybrid tactical formations in accordance with established plans to drill a variety of scenes under the joint action. He added: "the two sides are using a variety of weapons firing, the two Marines completed the landing exercises. "

Fido Gannenk J said:" for the first time in the coastal areas of Guangdong, held in northern waters south of Chinese exercises show mutual understanding and fleet operations between the two countries high level cooperation. The coordination of the operations of the Marine Corps under the unified plan is particularly prominent, and they have successfully completed the training mission at sea and on land. Navy officers and men showed the ability to respond to the world's maritime threats. "

, he stressed that the annual" joint maritime exercise "never against the third party, the purpose of the exercise is to consolidate the Russian Navy between the mutual trust and mutual understanding, the peaceful use of the ocean.

according to Singapore's "South China Morning Post" website reported in September 20th, China and Russia for the first time in the South China Sea, "joint maritime -2016" exercise in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, 19, closing. China Navy deputy commander Wang Hai said, exercises to enhance the Sino Russian joint exercise at sea combat, informatization and standardization level. Russian Navy deputy commander Fido Gannenk J said that the Russian navy in the future must maintain close cooperation in the sea in order to respond to new challenges and new threats to the sea.

in the eight day of the exercise, the Russian Navy launched a joint search and rescue, joint boarding and inspection, joint air defense, joint anti submarine joint air and sea search, the United fighters took control of three-dimensional islands and other subjects drills. The exercise is one of the largest joint exercises between Russia and the Navy, but also for the first time in the South China Sea to carry out joint military operations in the South China Sea, causing widespread concern.

American "national interest" bimonthly website, the degree of intimacy between China and Russia two sea power is increasing, which makes analysts in India, the United States and Southeast Asia is very upset: they're growing bilateral cooperation between China and Russia may affect the balance of power in asia.

: Japan business news website entitled "Sino Russian joint military exercises of the imaginary enemy is Japan" article pointed out that in the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou, "China China in the East Sea and South Sea China explicit hegemony began". The Russian close combat amphibious exercises, also hinted at the possibility of attack on the Diaoyu Islands, Ryukyu islands.

China military scholar Zhang Junshe said that Sino Russian joint air and Navy carried out to find the F, took control of the islands and three-dimensional joint joint joint air defense, anti submarine and other subjects, are highly sensitive subjects. The two ships, aircraft and ships on radar sonar data, are open to each other and basic tactics, technology will let them know. Therefore, the exercise shows a high degree of strategic mutual trust between China and russia. According to the Russian

satellite network published in September 15th entitled "tough bear, the rise of the Dragon:" Russian Defense Cooperation deepening in the article said that over the past month, cooperation in defense and security issues in Russia increased significantly. Although it is concluded that the two countries formed a military alliance as early as fashion, but experts said that as long as the threat of terrorism and the United States led unipolar constitute a threat to continue to strengthen cooperation in Russia will continue to strengthen.

this week, the Russian Navy launched a joint maritime -2016 exercise. "Russian newspaper" political writer Sviatoslav · knipping yazev analysis said, "the United States is to provide Chinese surrounding national demonstration support efforts to put into their sphere of influence in Southeast asia". He believes that in this context, the Russian army in the vicinity of the disputed area of training meaningful, showing the extent of military cooperation between the two countries continue to deepen.

at the same time, the SCO also launched the "peace mission -2016" joint anti-terrorism military exercise. Kenia Zeev believes that this means that the SCO to resist the United States to Russia, Chinese and other Eurasian countries a tougher stance, especially against Hilary · Clinton or American political group in non conservative or liberal intervention group won the election. Therefore, it is now to Russia, it is important to ensure the convergence of the Eurasian continent, a unified process. In the territorial disputes between China and neighboring countries, Russia will not choose the edge of the station. On the contrary, Russia will strive to become a mediator. Class= img_box "

Sino Russian naval joint naval fleet 18 days to carry out the main gun firing drills. (Singapore "United Morning Post" website)

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