Nanluogu Lane today welcome fit era residents said seriously changed the taste

Nanluogu Lane taste block five camps alley scenic spot

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< p >, the original title: Nanluoguxiang now welcome the age of individual residents said that the variable smell serious < p < p align = "center" >

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> yesterday, travel guides lead visitors in Nanluoguxiang visit. Jinghua Times reporter Wang pan intake < p < p > Nanluoguxiang this attack "fit era < p < p > officially suspended reception team tourism ordinary individual without affecting < p < p > from today, take the initiative to cancel the qualification of 3A level scenic spots of Nanluoguxiang officially suspended tourism reception team, entered the" era of fit ". Dongcheng District Tourism Commission relevant responsible person said that the has sent a letter to the travel agency, may notice during the tourist routes to cancel the attractions of the tour, the ordinary individual is not affected. < p >] to visit < p < p > owner thought to affect the business not < p < p > on Sunday at noon 11 many south gong is already rentouzandong, near Gulou East Main Street side of the north entrance of the tourists holding all kinds of snacks to and fro. Mr. Zhang in the South Lane gongs and drums on the 9th of men lianer roadside a stalls selling trinkets, he told reporters that from the 2008 Olympic Games after the south gong of tourists increased significantly. "I here put vendor for several years, the 2008 Olympic Games, two years before the opening of the MTR, let south gong tourists increase rapidly, now the north side of the stream of people significantly less south next to subway stations to walk." Mr. Zhang said, because most to him to buy things here are individual, tour will come to have little effect on him. < p > residents said South Gong "stale" serious < p < p > Ms. Hou has lived in South gongs, because of the dressing room home, from the point of view of rental income, she hopes to as many people as possible, but for life. Too many people does have an impact. "To sleep at ease, must wait until after two o'clock at night eleven, health management over the past two years are a little better, streets and alleys on children, stinky tofu do not let sold, the original street is grease and prod, tour if came less may life be quiet." Nanluoguxiang shop is a shop called band aid 8, which sells are some T-shirts "Jingwei Er elements", the store's sales staff is several Beijing aunt, which an aunt in south gong lived for several decades, she said that the original Nanluoguxiang emerging, the street is mostly creative cultural shops and Beijing flavour is dye in the wood, this year more and more tourists, stationed in the various shops are flocking, south gong taste deviation. "As we live in this southern Gong near the, usually to want to go out, not half an hours out of the blocks, sometimes the patio of a summer night in the bar and singing, suspended receive tour groups may also local residents a proper living environment." < p > tour only to 40 minutes of activity < p < p > in the streets of south gong through, the reporter did not find holding a small flag of the tour guide, after the close of tourists still to the individual is in the majority. And when reporters came to south gong in the southern entrance near the subway station, a waving "sightseeing travel" flags of the tour guide. "It's 1, we're here to dissolve our free activities, give us 40 minutes, and come back at 1:40." The tour guide Chen Xiangtuan in good standing to the guest orders, the shade side of the rest. He told reporters, south gong suspended Jietuan news he heard, but on what happens after development is still uncertain. "The group of 20 individuals, Jiangxi Province, south gong just today trip in a small part of, general travel agency are come in the afternoon to stay 40 minutes of free time, certainly will not here unified arrangement of the meal. After even if the team does not let go, and certainly there will be tourists want to come, we may stop in the vicinity of the car, and then let the tourists come to visit their own." < p >] response < p < p > Dongcheng Tourism Commission, < p > has sent a letter to each big travel agency, < p > for the suspension of the joint group, reporter weekend blocks south gong ask security personnel, but the answer is has not received specific how the implementation of the notice. And the Dongcheng District Tourism Committee of the relevant responsible person said, Nanluoguxiang is an open neighbourhood, in after the cancellation of the qualification of scenic spot and the road almost, in fact, are in order to enhance the tourists visit the comfort, fit is not affected. It has sent a letter to the travel agency, notify the May Day holiday on the tourist route to cancel the attractions of the tour. But in the implementation process, not only is the tourism sector, but also the joint transportation, urban management, public security and other departments to implement the linkage. < p > Travel Agency, < p > arrangements for visitors on their own to < p < p > CYTS travel network chief brand officer Xiao Lei Xu said, south gong is mainly connected to the outside of the group and the number of inbound tourists destination. "If the foreign guests and outside guests this demand, we will made their custom, is generally in the evening after dinner, arrange for them to experience themselves South gongs, not organized to, visitors now generally more accepted this way. This ordering is mainly for those small and medium-sized travel agency, because they will take some of the field scattered spell Group South gong." Beijing Spring International Travel Service General Manager Yang Yang said, even restrict the group of travel agencies have little effect, "south gong is not a team guest must go, it does not look like the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, stroke have also in the free time to.


in open blocks how limiting?

initiative to cancel the 3A class scenic spots from a scenic Nanluogu Lane changed back to a block. But these practices are able to let south gong less crowded, whether can improve tourists' experience comfort, whether can let these years some taste South gongs recovery of old Beijing cultural atmosphere and style, has gone through more than 740 years of Nanluoguxiang still has a lot to do. < p > & gt; & gt; experiences throughout < p < p > line peak can alleviate crowded < p < p > and south gong also belong to the open neighbourhood YanDaiXieJie, Shichahai is similar, in holiday and weekend peak period will also appear a large influx of tourists. In this regard, the Xicheng District Tourism Commission official said, for these open neighborhoods, there is still no relatively good current limiting measures. "The block is not like those scenic spots, can start from the beginning of the end of the ticket sales, the block does not have this condition. Now the Shichahai will install some real-time monitoring, staff by monitoring to determine whether there is too much traffic, and then again to guide visitors dispersed as soon as possible, as to the future will consider restrictions on the tour, there is no received the relevant notification. "

is located along the Confucius temple in the Qinhuai River - Suzhou along the line and is located in Shantangjie Street, Nanjing is the famous open block. Talked about how to limit the flow, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of tourism tourism promote Zhong Hanyi, deputy director of the office told reporters, Shan Tong street belongs to street free, then block contains a number of charges of attractions, the even high passenger flow when there is no limit tour into. "We to the travel agency is take line peak tour arrangements, such as a tour of 10 teams in Shan Tong Street, we will put the whole block all the attractions of scattered, then according to the different order of permutation and combination, become a tourist line, Biezou different line so that each tourist group, can effectively relieve a attractions especially crowded."

need to strengthen their own supporting management

limited current to enhance the comfort of the tour has become a common understanding of scenic spots and tourists". As for south gong, as well as what the future method can achieve the purpose of limiting current? Hangzhou Tourism Committee Publicity Department Director Hua Yunong told reporters that since the Hangzhou West Lake free of charge, also appeared the phenomenon of tourists overflowing. "General to West Lake the golden week tourists, on the one hand, we will advance called on local people" down to the countryside "to travel, the West Lake to tourists. On the one hand is to speed up the construction of scenic spots, such as the transformation of parking, in the area of implementation of odd and even numbers limit line, additional parking lot to the attractions of the public traffic, through the network real-time release of various scenic spots, block number of visitors, in order to so as to achieve the purpose of limiting and ease. " < p < p > and relevant responsible person said that the Xiangshan Park, south gong and Xiangshan in nature differ, south gong is more blocks of commercial and local culture, is not suitable for travel team, but for individual if there is no good current limiting of leisure experience very unfavorable. "It is well known that the Fragrant Hills every section of red autumnal leaves during peak tourist amount, but we did not tour groups to limit, but through the ticket window to open, surrounding the opening of traffic link increased one-way street, let throughout the area surrounding flow, traffic circulation up measures such as drainage." < p > & gt; & gt; expert opinion < p < p > multi-purpose technical means limiting < p < p > China Tourism Research Institute of planning director maxiaolong said, the suspension of the team for the tour, and take the initiative to cancel the qualification of scenic spot, these methods may be able to achieve some limiting to, but belongs to the comparison of the practice of "lazy politics". Because a block if there is a distinctive, attractive, tourists will certainly be a large influx of management, if simply engage in one size fits all, for those who do not have the freedom to travel capacity of foreign tourists is not reasonable. Although exceed the carrying amount of tourists will have certain influence the life of local residents, but for the dissemination of culture and heritage will have a role in promoting, so the relevant departments or to think of a way to reasonable limit flow, drainage, not simple and crude. For example, many foreign open park tickets are not received, visitors can book online, the scene brush two-dimensional code to enter. Actually south gong can also learn from this approach, local residents can through vouchers free access, then let visitors to free online appointment, again in the field setting some scan code device and staff, in short, a lot of technical methods can be considered.

to increase the supply of similar blocks

China's Future Research Association vice president of the travel branch Liu Simin believes that the release of the announcement on the suspension of the reception tour has its rationality. South gong there had been two properties, one of which is the scenic area, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "law of tourism", more than maximum carrying capacity needs to traffic control measures. South gong canceled area after qualification, according to the block, for public security considerations, should also be reasonable limiting. But the single proposed restrictions on team travel will also damage the interests of the team tourists, while the travel agency may therefore have the risk of breach of contract.

at the same time, if you want to solve the problem of south gong, the key point is to increase the supply of. In fact, in the Beijing area, similar to the south gong with the old Beijing Culture Street, alley, there are many, such as wudaoying Hutong or some other place to be excavated. Should increase the publicity and promotion of these similar blocks, so as to realize the diversion. < p > transformation of stream of people gather system < p < p > Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute tourism Ph.D. Zou Tongqian said super load operation not only to tourists in south gong tour influence, is more important to residents of the normal daily life had an impact. The future south gong should consider to establish a convenient system of stream of people gather, such as Nanluoguxiang the block in addition to the main road, also contains many small alley, street lane, whether trying to open up some fences, walls, or so that visitors can from every alley mouth easily into the street, solve the North and south two main entrance crowded situation, effectively scattered people. However, this system can also create a number of local residents to create a disturbance, and therefore need to be in charge of the local authorities and the public to fully communicate, comprehensive consideration of the reform measures.

JINGWAH Times reporter Tian Hu

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