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Lei Feng network according to : 7Tens, the author of this paper, the mobile phone industry more than ten years veteran. The article starts from the WeChat public number "semiconductor industry observation" (No. ID:icbank).

last month, is believed to be the most difficult days since Samsung entered the new century, in August released a new flagship Note 7, this should be with powerful performance, perfect display to attract a large number of consumers in the NOTE 7 panic buying, market attention is also increasing, so Samsung become more favorable the darling of the media.

but frequent NOTE 7 good times don't last long, bombing time again to Samsung in the teeth of the storm. In the end, Samsung had to announce the global recall of the newly released Note Galaxy 7, but the state line version except. It is because of this decision, Samsung by domestic consumers criticized. According to Samsung official claims that the reason to make this decision is because the country is the use of different battery suppliers. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" for many years, the major foreign companies often out of this type of event. Internet search, MITSUBISHI Volkswagen, IKEA and other international well-known brands, coupled with the "China area not recall" keywords, can be found a negative news, triggering fierce discrimination conjecture. This time the Samsung also caused criticism China consumers.

for the explosion, Samsung Corp will soon be interviewed national quality inspection administration. Samsung (China) announced that since September 14th, the recall from July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016 during the manufacturing part of the Note7 Galaxy, involving a number of mobile phones to reach 1858 units. Several domestic airlines for security considerations, but also closely followed by foreign airlines introduced a ban on Note7 Galaxy to carry the provisions of the board. This is a continuous blow to Samsung mainland market, let the popular view Samsung mobile phone to become difficult to quell the grenade.

until the day before, there are consumers in the post bar revealed that the NOTE version of the 7 countries have also occurred in the event of an explosion, Samsung will recall the event to a climax.

" followed by another single NOTE explosion and 7 lines in the newspapers. SamSung China had to combine the domestic manufacturers to do a test, and issued a test report yesterday. The report shows that the domestic NOTE 7 explosion is caused by external heating.

Samsung NOTE 7 domestic battery suppliers ATL issued a statement, the explosion in the battery independent heat source from the battery itself.

from Samsung and ifixit report itself dismantling evaluation report, the whole thing is because the choice of battery suppliers and guide the problem. As for the otherwise peaceful line Note 7, what the reason is because the explosion, we do not intend to speculate, not rash to judge 7 Security in Samsung NOTE.

from the editor's point of view, through the NOTE 7 bombings, I met a domestic battery personnel Whampoa  military academy called ATL (Amperex Technology Limited), according to Samsung's argument, the state line version is not need to recall, because it is used to do the battery supplier.

ATL: the Chinese version of the Samsung Note7 class= battery supplier

" (the editor made a cut, do not change the intent to view the full contents of the text.)

ATL battery, on the choice of the polymer inch flexible, soft package battery is not suitable for automation as the business direction. Because at that time the market round battery, square batteries and other products are SONY, and other Japanese companies in the world. They have a high degree of automation, uniform quality, Chinese enterprises are difficult to compete with them, only this can be a breakthrough.

back, ATL belongs to the famous Japanese electronics company TDK, was originally created by some new hard disk inside the famous manufacturers, and the new division is part of the TDK in the Japanese company.

ATL at the beginning of scarce resources, most of the time for TDK to help Japan, then put forward two options, the first is Japanese acquisitions, second is not allowed to find Shinco for help. Helpless under ATL had to choose to be acquired. Later, after many years of hard ATL technology accumulation, coupled with the leadership level of vision, after the transformation in 2011 has become the first domestic lithium battery automation. IIT according to the international authoritative research institutions

released data, 2013 ATL in the global polymer lithium battery industry continued to rank No.1.

global lithium polymer battery industry shipments ranked (2012 and 2013)

see the essence through the phenomenon, analysis of the domestic status of the 7 NOTE < / strong>

lithium battery explosion, so that domestic consumers for the ATL understanding deepened, but also enable people to understand China manufacturing strength (although Japanese enterprises and domestic holdings, but really has a relationship, let people know China) to the progress of lithium battery. However, China's battery manufacturers in the end how much competitiveness? We might as well look at the domestic sales by the former, the high visibility of several manufacturers, from a glimpse of the truth. Part of the domestic

flagship mobile phone batteries as shown in the following table (note, not all of the mobile phone battery supplier, but only the list has been reported to disassemble news statistics).

Internet brand mobile phone has always been in the low-end, price performance to win fans, typical manufacturers such as millet, Meizu, not only has quick charging technology, and as the two manufacturers flagship product, millet Meizu MX6 5 and mobile phone were selected the Scud, DESAY, two domestic manufacturers as the battery suppliers. Thus, the domestic manufacturers to meet the fast charge, a large capacity of these two smart phone battery plus conditions, the basic security can be guaranteed. These two models of the Internet marketing high cost of mobile phones, there are millions of millions of sales in the country, there is still a guarantee of its reliability.

and have the brand premium ability of HUAWEI, Samsung, apple, OPPO, ViVo manufacturers flagship phone, without exception, the selection of non mainland manufacturers, such as SONY, ATL and Taiwan new pu. At the same time, recognized premium higher hammer phone, using the Korean LG battery. This also proves that in the high-end, high premium mobile phone brands, regardless of domestic or foreign manufacturers, are inclined to choose the battery suppliers abroad.

can say, although Samsung stressed that the sale of mobile phones in China due to the use of Chinese made local battery and not a security risk, in fact, and China's battery business is not any relationship. Moreover, China's battery manufacturers have not been favored by domestic and foreign manufacturers of smart phones.

the Samsung mobile phone explosion also gave a great opportunity for domestic manufacturers. After all, the huge shipments of millet, Meizu, the domestic battery has not had such a terrible consequences. To take this opportunity to continue to progress, even exceeded ATL, SDI and other foreign manufacturers monopoly on high-end flagship mobile phone batteries, but also point the day and await for it.

mobile phone lithium ion battery is already a highly specialized industry. Anode material, conductive agent, binder, copper foil, separator, electrolyte, plastic film and other raw materials, have long been dependent on foreign imports. At present, and there is no manufacturer to achieve the whole industry chain of mobile phone battery coverage, the global lithium-ion battery manufacturers are here to be fair.

and cell phone batteries battery assembly and the battery pack is the most important manufacturing process of the two processes. After the assembly of the battery, the capacity and performance of the battery will be determined in the future. But also need to go through the package, the battery can only be completed the manufacturing process. In fact, we see the battery plant may only complete the battery assembly or the battery pack a process, or both.

battery pack manufacturers, manufacturers are nothing more than a supplier of raw materials. And packaging manufacturers directly docking with the mobile phone customers, has a better brand effect and the right to business discourse. For example, we can see the phone after the phone is to see which package, but it is difficult to figure out exactly which manufacturer of electric core.

although these two processes are equally important, are indispensable. But the display of the battery pack manufacturers, mostly packaging manufacturers, rather than the same important behind the scenes heroes - core manufacturers. I think, the biggest challenge facing the domestic battery, and ATL and SDI is undoubtedly the same, quickly improve the whole set of industry chain, so that the world see China made.

finally, why why lithium ion battery will explode with

intelligent mobile phone hardware configuration technology is increasing, the screen is also more and more big, the power consumption of the intelligent mobile phone unit time is doubled. And most of the mobile phone users have a high portability of the requirements. Therefore, as an important part of the mobile phone battery, need to continue to improve the capacity and reduce the volume.

at the same time, due to the limit of technology of intelligent mobile phone battery, most of a day to a charging, fast charging battery has become a smart mobile phone standard.

however, rapid charging technology means that the battery needs to withstand rapid energy injection, while smaller and lighter battery means the battery energy density of the upgrade. Under the background of high energy and small volume, the battery explosion is very dangerous. Mobile phone internal space is crowded and the shell is almost completely closed, which is in line with the conditions of the explosion. Samsung's flagship phone and even have waterproof performance, which requires a high heat and cooling of the battery. The most striking feature of

is that a large amount of energy is released in a short time and small space. It can be said that there is no power of the battery is almost impossible to exist the possibility of explosion.

and almost all of the battery explosion event, the source of its energy are stored in the battery power.

under normal circumstances, the battery is under strict control of the current output, although there will be a certain amount of heat, but soon through the mobile phone design of the cooling system into the air. And once the battery's current out of control, the heat generated by the rapid explosion may cause the battery.

has been summarized, Chinese manufacturing has been dubbed "unreliable" name, but the NOTE after the 7 Incident, the strong performance of ATL for many foreign media and consumers have changed, even some of the media call unbelievable. Although ATL has a foreign background, but from the moment of birth, the company was given a lot of "Chinese" elements, and it also shows that as long as the experts Chinese can sink the heart to do, quit some quick ideas, one day can succeed. Hope that the success of ATL can give some positive guidance to the construction of China's semiconductor.

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