Exposure "singer 5": Hebe Karen Mok Angela Chang

Angela Chang Karen Mok Yong Bang Tian Zhen

beiqingwangyule· 2016-09-22 07:21:43

" recently, Emihiro Hiroshi "Chengdu Evening News" published micro-blog revealed "I am a singer 5" lineup, in addition to online exposure before Angela Chang, Hebe Tian and Karen Mok were added to everyone looking for the job. A message, the fans have been looking forward to the wonderful performance of their idol. This is a blogger called

" Karen Mok


":" I am a singer 5 "to the contestants who list exposure, including Karen Mok, Hebe Tian, Angela Chang, Tian Zhen, Yong Bang and other powerful singer, but there are two starters singers are not exposed. "

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