For "strange life", it's the outcome is really very bad?

Ending BGM FPS overall feeling

jihewang· 2016-09-22 10:09:50

" lead: for "strange life" to create such a complete gaming experience, should not because the end defects were all negative, only ending on backstepping questioned game, itself is not fair for this work the.


to see how reasonable picture is not how good, no stimulation of fast-paced combat, also not to burn your puzzle elements of brain cells, or said to the plot selection is just like the little mouse. "The singular life" AVG type games are fun in where?

compared with FPS, RPG and other mainstream game types, AVG is clearly not all players can accept the type of game, it has its own audience groups. As there is no clear type of game and buy the wrong or wrong after the download was SAPO a few examples, such as the "borderlands legend", many people still think that sudden chug of game.

" to "strange life" as a single works, and no interference in this game, also from the outset to tell you, this is a choice of the game, that is the characters in the story the story unfolds and then, palpitate or character level growth is not the focus of the game game player is more like to do a movie myself, and the director is no script of Wong Kar Wai, he will never tell you how to play the next or what is, but only to plot limited guidance and appropriate everywhere atmosphere wait until your last shot after shot, look back at the end of the clip piece, there will be a special "surprise" or "shock". This is full of the unknown

, and a large number of interactive selection into a sense of other mainstream games and traditional movies can give you, only the AVG interactive movies can let you have such a unique experience. This is probably the "strange life," the charm of the game it.

" as a choice of the game, too many spoilers will only give haven't played the game player causing the game to experience a sense of decline, coupled with the "strange life" story from the details of the formation of many holes or brain "pit, so here not to analyze the story to things like only talk about the controversial and interesting game set, they propped up the whole game framework, also let us immerse them.

structure is the game of sin? If

turned the "strange life" the poor, most of them point to choice game looks very heart of the child and the outcome was not related to this issue, with the beginning of the game for the choice of the importance of stressed that more drama game player dissatisfaction.

in fact, "strange life," the structure of the chapter has been doomed to it can not be like other games or movies, the early stage of the buried stem, and finally to a large outbreak of the outcome. The structure of each chapter style will chapters are relatively independent, boring part, also the climax where the game player experience is relatively complete, it also determines the choice of current is likely to affect the outcome of follow-up is very big. If the just kept buried stems, plot and special plain, I'm afraid the first section after the sale, people will not buy the following chapters, the game itself is the problem of structure, but the structure of chapter style is completely the disadvantages?

don't do it. Most of the

AVG games are on reasonable puzzle elements and plot development to game player experience, but a linear plot structure and complete the world shaping characters, relationship network is relatively weak.

and "strange life" section type structure of the benefits is that it requires each of the chapters have enough content to take the game player to experience, so we see a lot of scenes and objects of high interactive game, and these interactive content directly to a large the relationship between the characters network. In the course of the game you will find, through dialogue, you may not be able to fully understand a role, and to his room to interact with his goods, but can find many interesting things, and this role is more in-depth understanding, understand their own contradictions and complex, which will be set up for the game the world's impression, deepen our understanding of the game into a sense. simple point, that is, in addition to the main line of the story, the addition of a lot to explore the story of the branch, to enhance the richness of the game content and play.

" and multi branch plot is different from GAL, "strange life" every line is made of either affect your judgment on the real suspense main line, either on the world and deepen your understanding of the roles and subtle influence your choice, it is not the story of multi branch and multi branch end, you do not need to have to go into the line after the final outcome, then return to the bifurcation point began to experience another branch line plot. It is the story of multi branch

affect you in the whole story line and the atmosphere at the same time, it also leads to the ability to play an important role in the meantime, back in time is not only play game player Tucao archive point, but also gives a different perspective to see different game player selection results, and are indeed back part in the narrative structure of the story, let you experience the consequences, to experience the world and part because you'll decide what kind of change personally (Chloe Max paralyzed, and vortex club mix).

outcome and experience: from the bottom of the heart of the final choice of

like this multi - Branch plot will be more than the outcome of the GAL - like the story of the weak? Personally, in the "strange life" of the script structure or the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Because it allows us to understand the complexity of the game world and the role of the same time, but also to ensure that the main theme of suspense and rhythm of the overall sense of. The structure allows the player to step by step to gradually deepen the feelings and understanding of the game, but also with Max has experienced a series of child abuse.

when the game into the nightmare that the chapters, we passed a decision point, will gradually understand, before putting on other emotions, the understanding of the role, every decision made, had to bear the pain and struggle, are real and affect their own now, it is because of this a choice now created Max, of course, will eventually affect our choice for the end.

" so complete gaming experience, should not because the end defects were all negative, only the outcome of the game of backstepping question, is the "strange life" this work is not fair. For my own gaming experience, from the beginning, Max walked out of the classroom, wearing headphones, BGM sounded, it has been completely immersed in the.

, of course, my last choice, must be - lily! Because this is more complex and more mature and more personality and more crazy Max more tension.

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