Who is the most popular LCS player? Twitter fans to tell you

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tuwanwang· 2016-09-22 10:10:08

is currently the most popular LCS player, there is no doubt that TSM is the star of the Bjergsen. A few days ago, his Twitter number of fans just to break the 800 thousand mark! "

LCS is currently the most popular player, there is no doubt that TSM's "star Bjergsen. A few days ago, his Twitter number of fans just to break the 800 thousand mark!

this figure is what concept? The number of fans with Twitter NBA players for example: we know the yellow people proud of Jeremy Lin, his fans number is 2 million 160 thousand; and this year's NBA championship in Cleveland, the number of fans of their starting star JR Smith but also about 630 thousand. It can be seen that the influence of cybersports players on the network is quite large.

" in Pilsen after living fossil gaming, "chowhound" Dyrus. As one of the first generation of the North American players, Dyrus can be said to be many of the single player's Enlightenment mentor. And now, he has retired to do a full-time anchor, the audience the number of perennial stable at around 1.5~2 million.

" ranked third is our old friend, King xPeke. His Twitter number of fans 590 thousand: unrestrained personality Peke often in social media in their semi nude and various energy-saving, so popular Wang also be not at all surprising! "Img_box

" is the next big brother Doublelift and his fans the number will soon break 500 thousand. After joining TSM, the big brother will own many fans with the original to the North American cult manager scarlet team described as fame and fortune.

" Rekkles golden boy and the old captain Huang Xing, as Europe's most senior veteran fans are 30+ million. Incidentally, today is Rekkles's birthday! "

C9 once the iron triangle, is worthy of the name on twitter "red"

Froggen", although in recent years the results do not like, but once brilliant or as he has accumulated a lot of loyal followers.

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