Let SJ be a former teammate Han Gengyu fit the face

Han Geng fit teammate article

fenghuangyule· 2016-09-22 11:25:25

Han Geng

in new network on 22 September, according to Taiwan media reports, Han Geng in Korea in 2005 by Super Junior (SJ) member, in 2009 he became the first lightning League, Lu Ji artists to the Korea Companies for cancellation, the day before the media last year, SJ reported that Han Geng readme thirteen are expected to composite fit, but drew captain SJ Lee Teuk face "not by telephone," Han Geng said after the fight back, but don't need a private chat recording? Interview with

Han Geng before he revealed last year SJ's debut full ten anniversary, he had to call the captain and former agent Lee Teuk, proposed to take this opportunity to set you a EP and then advertised together for half a year, "not for anything else, but we commemorate ten years together, but finally did not realize, news back to South Korea, Lee Teuk through the company responded:" no to Han Geng by telephone, hot topic.

Han Geng through the studio issued a document to explain the call occurred in the 2015 Spring Festival, and Han Geng interview was about 2 months ago, not a few days ago the news, he knew the artist interview answer sensitive questions will be writing, but never distort the truth, nor deliberately coined to hype.

Han Geng has been nearly 7 years, back to the mainland development studio, this time often smear or they can laugh, tattle and prate, this time for Han Geng. Honest answer a question, but was criticized as speculation, distressing question: "do to artists in the privately owned recording dinner talk on the phone? "Netizens have positive and negative poles have comments, said:" I left or pull "," ask you to protect him. When he returned home to be able to do what he wanted to do, "capital of the embarrassment".

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