Kashmir conflict escalation and then caused 11 people were killed

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" data figure: India and Pakistan border soldier

original title: India Kashmir conflict and killed 11 people, Modi canceled plans to contact

20 days according to India Zee news network reported that the India army repulsed 10 more than attempting to cross the India Pakistan border into India controlled Kashmir militants control line. At present, the exchange of fire killed at least 11 people were killed, including a India military. India and Pakistan border situation once again tense state.

according to reports, India's military said, 20 in the early morning, India's military found that the border control line near the Indian border in the forest hiding militants. Then in the direction of Pakistan post fire India to cover nearly 15 militants across the border with Pakistan, but were repulsed. The final number of casualties to be completed through the search after the terrorist hiding in the forest to confirm.

20, India's military on the "Indian News" said that Pakistan's military violated the ceasefire agreement in the region, and accused Pakistan militants sent cross-border attack. The military said that since 2016, they have frustrated the 19 cross-border infiltration of similar border militants, which is an attempt to create unrest in India, to incite unrest in the desperate attempt".

for the exchange of fire, the Pakistan media did not focus on the report, just quoted the Indian media news, saying, did not give further details of the report and the evidence". Pakistan international news website reported that 21 sources, tensions between India and Pakistan reached the critical point of the outbreak of terrorist attack in 18 days after the incident, India's retaliation is imminent, and has completed the first phase of the preparation.

18, according to the India Department of defense news, Indian controlled Kashmir, an army base in the day of terrorist attacks, resulting in at least 17 people were killed and 30 people were injured in India. 4 attackers were killed in the fighting. India's military says the attack was the deadliest in the India army in 26 years.

British "Guardian" commented that the attack is likely to make the already fragile peace process has been a decisive blow to the peace process. For this incident, India's interior minister Singer said tough, on twitter directly to Pakistan as a terrorist state". In response, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zachary said: "in the absence of any investigation, India immediately to Pakistan to accuse, we refuse to accept. "And said:" this is the usual way of India. "

in New York this week, the UN General Assembly, Pakistan will once again in the international arena to watch the Kashmir issue. According to a Pakistani Foreign Ministry statement released by the Pakistan daily, said Premier Sheriff to resolve the issue of Kashmir as the primary task of the United Nations General Assembly line. According to India's prime minister Modi attended the General Assembly this year to cancel the issue, Bazhong Jiaotong University said that, Modi is attempting to avoid the embarrassing situation in Kashmir is discussed in the general assembly.

Kashmir is located between India and Pakistan, the two sides of the whole piece of Kashmir claim sovereignty, but the actual control of one part. The dispute is rooted in the British colonial policy of "divide and rule" left after. Since 1940s, the two sides have conducted two large-scale wars and several conflicts. In January this year, Punjab Pathankot AFB suffered a terrorist attack, killing 7 soldiers died in India. Since July, the situation in the Indian controlled Kashmir has become tense, continuing terrorist attacks have led to the death of more than and 80 people.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 21 days, China hopes the two countries to strengthen dialogue and communication, properly handle differences and jointly contribute to regional peace, stability and security.

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