Huang Xiaoming first confirmed baby pregnant suspected more than 4 months

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tengxunyule· 2016-09-22 15:16:12

9 22, Huang Xiaoming, the first confirmed that Baby has been pregnant, the expected date of birth in February 2017 at the end of March, the projections should have been pregnant for more than 4 months. In early September, Baby to attend a charity event, the lower abdomen slightly uplift, suspected pregnancy. At that time, was asked whether the pregnancy, Huang Xiaoming shy smile and does not language, there is no denying. Later, Baby again makeup appearance, the abdomen is more obvious. Now nearly a month later, Huang Xiaoming finally admitted the news. Class= img_box "

baby Huang Xiaoming

friends: the baby is not born on its own hot search. Angelababy (Angela Baby, Baby) married Huang Xiaoming, the most concern is the baby no, 1 years will be 5 days before pregnancy, the staff on behalf of response, said that there is good news will be announced, but the 13 day is not only the friends broke the met Baby in Department of gynecology and obstetrics, the same day the Hong Kong media is she broke 3 months pregnant, and both parents had learned the news of the news, once again triggered a heated discussion. Yesterday (September 14th), some netizens exposed two people in Koh Samui vacation photos. Baby loose hair, wearing baggy clothes and slippers, a bit tired. While Huang Xiaoming is wearing a black coat, wearing a baseball cap. Netizens ridicule: "it's been the last two world" "quickly admitted".

Angelababy recently repeatedly heard news of a pregnancy, a pregnant friends broke the previous to the obstetrics examination by Baby, also in the hospital check, she pointed out that state, there may be 15 weeks, 3 the appearance of the month! Let Baby pregnancy rumors once again be concerned about. According to reports, Huang Xiaoming reported recently that Angelababy 2 months pregnant, the couple of ecstasy, notify the parents immediately, although according to custom, now more than 3 months of pregnancy should be announced the good news, but because the two sides do not want to be too high, so I don't want to talk too much.

baby" Huang Xiaoming

and a man claiming to be Baby friends broke the news, Xiao pointed out that B couple really want to have children, before an empty can find time to make Baby the first pregnancy, Xiaoming really nervous. Huang Xiaoming has told his wife to complete the work on hand earlier, to stay at home. However, for all kinds of pregnancy rumors, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy broker's answer is the same: it is not clear, no one told me, if there is good news will inform you.

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