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Sleep baby folk prescription unique

senbayuer· 2016-09-22 15:40:28

believe the baby make sense when the mother are experienced, sometimes is obviously sleepy anyway, sometimes sleep can't sleep irritability, sometimes rather baffling sleep a half to cry... Today... Regardless of the terminology, said little of the earth experience.

what do boring boring when law what

we want to coax the child to sleep, do not give him something he can stimulate the brain nerve. Just take him for what we do. For example, go to the supermarket: the main is too small, do not understand what, and so on, we can understand a little bit, we mainly buy daily necessities, or men's wear, he will be bored to sleep.

" so then we summed up the experience, the children point to sleep, he would not play with toys. I will talk about the work and treasure the things in life ah, ah. We talked him also do not understand, it is too boring, and gradually fell asleep. Class= "img_box" id= "

"perview_img_p" ordinary life also to "boring a little", not today so tomorrow and another pattern. boring is mainly refers to the establishment of a regular daily routine. gets up at 7 every morning, go to bed at 12 noon, go to bed at 9 o'clock at night, during the day to night, let him not hilarious. Can also be good to sleep. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" purpose is one: to go to sleep, do not let him too hi.

is the law of roll sheet rolling on the bed, I don't think the

method doesn't actively used (Andy roll up to too much). But I heard that a lot of parents will use this trick: let him go on his bed. To roll and fall asleep. Class= img_box "

" feel that this can be rolled on its own, it is an angel baby. Not much to say. Feel this is a way to pull the hatred ah.

quiet with Dafa

family members need oh baby

sleep really need a quiet "". Shut the door, and the baby in the room. Don't let people in and out, or at the door loudly noisy, like watching tv. Class= img_box "

" lights dimming. It is important for children to sleep in the habit of turning off the lights. Into the depth of sleep, the body will secrete melatonin, to help children grow up very important thing. The latest study found that people who do not turn off the lights for a long time the incidence of depression is higher, and melatonin secretion related oh.

" baby confinement can begin to develop rules slowly sleep. The law needs to be combined with quiet day "noisy Dafa, daytime to guide the children to move, play, promote limb movement, play games together and so on. Class= img_box "

" to the evening, on the quiet mode. Eat a good meal, wash bath, as far as possible and the baby alone, gently humming, massage to relax, pat on the back, paipaipigu, baby slowly knew she should go to bed.

a Dafa why a child go to sleep? When

Andy was born, I bought him a baby basket. When driving out of the use of the results, the child will be able to sleep on the one lying in a car. From full moon to almost 7, 8 months, Andy can have a good sleep in a cot inside.

" even if we go traveling, do not worry about him for a place can't sleep, make sense, as long as the drive mode, he soon fell asleep.

in addition to driving, there are other driving mode. Andy from the beginning of the month, as long as he will go to sleep, just take him shopping, he will fall asleep. We call it "out of the street mode".

" and in the evening and I Dabao walking in the arms of my father, he would fall asleep slowly. Before we are in order to take the children to go out for a walk, and later is really pure in order to coax sleep (because he was at home, Tai Xingfen, do not sleep). Spent a lot of time, every time. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" push a cart downstairs for a walk, he will be able to sleep. This is especially suitable for a nap after lunch, "said Andy, we go downstairs, he is very happy to sit on a small cart to the downstairs area, turn two laps, he fell asleep. Class= img_box "

" but later this guy also upgrade, a street on the sleep, a home on the wake up. We can only find another way.

toys stickers,

law can play Lego to sleep Oh

this is I accidentally discovered. The first time I bought a sticker book for Andy, Andy accompany play, he is focused on tearing stickers, tear, tear... And then fell asleep.

" since then, I began to sleep when he played some hands-on toys, books, stickers blocks. This kind of toy can let his sustained attention, attention for a period of time, and sleep time, he will be able to fall asleep naturally.

" and is to give him a play book, stereo book introduced before, he is to watch the play. Several times he was playing with his sleep on the bed.

but this approach, with the increasing age of the child is actually more and more not easy to use.

animation method a risky move, but this game

a gamble, according to local conditions, It differs from man to man. For a time, every day at noon to see Andy a set of cartoons, before going to bed at night and watch an episode of animated cartoon. Had not finished, he fell asleep.

" animation is also very important, to the kind, gentle picture animation is too intense, the story would be counterproductive, let him more and more excited. Another point is that the

must be in a quiet environment, the use of animation Dafa, too noisy environment may make the sleepy baby excited or upset.

small action Dafa

touch your hair, touch neinei, hold bear

since I cut short hair, he suddenly fell in love with the touch of my hair. While sleeping, until now. It is so easy to sleep method. Don't need to hold the top, also don't need to sing over and over again. As long as I am in charge of lying, the hair on the side to the side to touch him. Class= img_box "

heard that many children have a similar "self comforting" sleep habits. For example, touched her earlobe, touched her mother's neinei, with a pacifier, and holding a small bear to sleep. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" and other children gradually grow up, gradually independent, these habits will then disappear. Don't need too much fear that they will develop some bad habits.

" Andy Ma: above in addition to roll sheets from other methods, Andy hemp unique recipe oh. may be a lot of parents will question, do not feel how to fly. The so-called "recipe" and private custom is the same reason, it is figured out according to the characteristics of their children.

is the most important purpose is to expand the idea I have to sleep Baba, do not stick to the experts, the book says that. You can try to sleep some benefit yourself oh baby.

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