Dongfeng 26, the first column of the army that is the first hit

East wind troops aircraft carrier missile

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Original title: Dongfeng

26 first fielded forces that first hit

Chinese military according to media reports, the end of August, in the northwest of a training field, a new type of missile in the drill accurately hit the target, made this type of equipment for the first time fielded forces that first hit the record. The people's Liberation Army missile brigade Yao Wenshan said with deep feeling, "close to the battlefield combat exercises, combined with efficient command mode, strange and complicated training environment, let the new combat equipment to accept baptism, marking the military combat capability to a new level. "

has military observers to identify the letters on the shell after a missile launched by military media, which is a long-range ballistic missile in the east wind -26. The Dongfeng -26 is the second -21D after the opening of the wind can be carried out on the sea of large and medium sized ships to carry out a conventional precision strike ballistic missile. Allegedly, this makes China's maritime asymmetric warfare and then added a weapon.

" reported screenshot

according to reports, Dongfeng -26 first appeared in 2015 of the "93" parade. Since its debut, Dongfeng -26 has attracted the attention of the United States, led by the United States and the western countries. Due to the highly confidential military intelligence system of the United States and Japan and other countries only in the Dongfeng -26 missile unveiled a year before know the model name, the missile performance details knew nothing, don't even know this missile has been equipped with rocket forces and formed a fighting force.

previously, Dongfeng -26 is considered to be able to combat large and medium ships at sea. Guam Chinese distance of 4000 km, beyond the general China ground-based medium range ballistic missile range. But the Dongfeng -26 missile range just to make Guam in the hit range, was originally known as the "aircraft carrier killer" of the east wind -26 therefore also known as some of the media, Guam express". From the official release of information, the missile apparently formed the ability to fight against the ground target. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" in addition to the range can cover Guam, Dongfeng -26 performance has become the focus of speculation. The famous American China military expert Bill · according to some official media China Goetz traces, make the performance of the Dongfeng -26 missile to determine that, first of all, Dongfeng -26 warhead can quickly convert between nuclear and conventional warheads, thus blurring between strategic weapons and tactical weapons difference. Second, Dongfeng -26 realized without relying on the rapid launch, in any place, any time to launch its own, which makes the U.S. military against the missile strike and tracking will become very difficult.

third, Dongfeng -26 missile is realized for the first time from a missile equipped with electromagnetic pulse bomb, large penetration warhead to cluster cluster warhead, anti runway electronic warfare warheads and dozens of warheads, let the missile can become multi-purpose missile precise strike ground targets, airports and ports. Fourth is the Dongfeng -26 can combat time sensitive targets, such as the navigation of large surface ship formation, you can attack aircraft carrier in the last minute of the moment, but also continue to receive target information.

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