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leifengwang· 2016-09-22 23:42:45

on the Samsung Note Galaxy 7 due to the battery explosion and the multinational aviation authorities, as well as the airline issued a flight ban, the Samsung emergency recall of 2 million 500 thousand mobile phones.

9 19, Note 7 state line version suspected explosion case has continuously exposed users purchased from Jingdong mall.

9 20, a netizen himself in September 2nd for a home appliance store to buy a new type of 64GB Samsung Note 7 mobile phone, use half a month later, on the 19 day suddenly exploded, the whole machine solution such as rotten charcoal, fortunately no one was injured. On the evening of

19 Samsung said in a statement: "the product that the damage was due to external heating, resulting in" 20 days, North Korea Daily reported, "China explosion Note 7 is consumer electromagnetic oven heating caused by"...... Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone explosion has become a bashing blurred Luo door.

then, why is the reason for the explosion of the Samsung Note Galaxy 7? North Korea daily declared that "the Chinese explosion of Note 7 consumers with electromagnetic heating caused by" whether there is truth to it? Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" Samsung SDI battery explosion of the reasons for what?

, according to media reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall due to the fact that in the mobile phone, because the diaphragm is defective, the battery can not touch each other originally Yin and Yang contact together, short circuit, causing the battery abnormal heating, and the final burning and explosion.

to resolve the Samsung Note Galaxy 7 mobile phone from the beginning of September after another explosion, it is necessary to understand the working principle of lithium batteries.

lithium is the smallest active metal on the surface of the chemical cycle, due to the chemical properties of lithium is too active, lithium metal exposure in the air, will react with oxygen to produce intense oxidation. In order to enhance the safety and the voltage, the scientists used graphite and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate lithium storage materials.

lithium battery is mainly composed of anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte and so on. The cathode of lithium battery containing positively charged ions, such as lithium ion anode, on the contrary. During the charging period, the lithium ion moves from the cathode to the anode; during the discharge, the lithium ion moves in the opposite direction. Between the cathode and the anode is the chemical substance called the electrolyte, which can help the electric ion move. Direct contact with the two electrode can not

lithium battery, because when in contact with the two electrode, current can flow directly to the intermediate electrode electrolyte rather than on both sides, which may cause sparks and even explode. It is precisely in order to prevent this from happening, the battery maker inserted into the membrane in the Yin and Yang, the performance of lithium battery separator directly influences the internal resistance of the battery, interface structure, capacity and cycle performance and security.

in addition, in the process of high power discharge, such as in the use of mobile phone or mobile phone overheating fast charging lithium batteries overheating, the local temperature rise rapidly, when the temperature is close to the diaphragm starting melting point, thermal contraction leads to a positive and negative pole pieces getting closer, and instantly generate huge heat, then the electrolyte may be react with other chemicals to produce gas and release more heat. With the repeated occurrence of chemical reactions, the gas is released at a faster and faster rate, resulting in more and more heat, which eventually led to the fire and explosion.

then why Samsung past the battery does not exist in the diaphragm defect, and the latest product is a problem? This is to start with the development trend of mobile phone.

in recent years, the phone's body is thinner and thinner, while the people of the mobile phone battery life is also increasingly concerned about. So in maintaining compact and compact body at the same time, how to enhance the endurance of it? Many manufacturers have chosen to increase the energy density of the battery. However, the battery energy density has entered a bottleneck period, to further enhance the energy density of lithium batteries must be a choice, the space occupied by the extrusion of auxiliary materials. I think

, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone lithium battery separator that broke the existence of defects, is Samsung SDI thin diaphragm, the province out of space to the anode and cathode materials, so it can improve battery energy density and the life time of mobile phone. This is why Samsung Note7 Galaxy and the last generation of products in the battery's volume is relatively narrow case, the lithium battery power has expanded by 500 ma. but this approach also has some security risks, requirements of diaphragm thinner process more stringent quality defects or mistakes, cell process slightly are likely to cause defects leading to lithium battery separator, short circuit, fire and explosion . Presumably this is the Samsung Note7 Galaxy (using SDI battery of the batch, Samsung's version of the use of ATL battery) in South Korea and other places a series of explosion reasons.

Chinese whether consumers in pengci?

in the network burst line version of the Galaxy Note7 series of explosion to the situation after the night of September 19th, Samsung said in a statement: "Samsung pay close attention to the recent Note7 combustion event, 9/18, China on media coverage of events by Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection departments to carry out a detailed analysis of the product the product is damaged, that caused by external heating. "

9 "on Sept. 20, according to the Korea Daily reporter Portsmouth Chuncan, Samsung recovery two ATL mobile phone, and embarked on a joint survey, and announced by X light and CT for product analysis showed that found in the external battery intentionally heating traces. The two companies in order to investigate the cause of the accuracy, the Note7 into the microwave oven, hot air machine, induction cooker, oven and so on to reproduce the test. The results show that two mobile phones placed on the electromagnetic oven, 200 degrees heat 2-3 minutes, the product is the most similar to the damaged appearance and photos.

before the bad products only battery burning, but China the explosion is not only the battery, other parts of the internal circuit, the camera had burned, but not too much damage inside the battery, very clean .

in addition, there are media claims that one of the two consumers of the explosion in WeChat and Baidu on the 2 day of this month, just got a coral blue bomb, hoping to really explode, threatening the contents of Samsung for money. There are media reports, Samsung Electronics announced that it is to discuss the case of a false explosion of 2 Chinese consumers to conduct criminal prosecution and other legal response. "

"(spontaneous state line version of Note7

) then Samsung and Korean daily saying whether withstand logical scrutiny, Chinese consumers really in pengci?

from the principle of speaking, in fact, the electromagnetic oven heating objects is the use of electromagnetic induction in eddy current heating object, it is worth noting that the heated object must be metal body large, otherwise cannot produce enough eddy current, it can not generate heat. But the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone is not a piece of metal, but a composite composed of metal, plastic and other materials, even the small mobile phone has the internal circuit of the induction eddy current, then fine lines soon burned off, no eddy never fever . In addition, the line off the phone will be shut down, there will be no explosion.

North Korea Daily reported that the most can not afford the logic is emphasized, the internal circuit, cameras and other parts have been burned, but the battery is not too much damage, very clean". But in fact, if it is placed on the electromagnetic oven, then the skin soft packaging lithium polymer battery is a piece of aluminum foil, is a large metal structure mobile phone, it will produce eddy current heating because of ablation, if it is detonated by mobile phone electromagnetic oven, will never be like North Korea Daily reported that "internal circuit the camera and other parts are burned up, but the battery but not much damage, very clean".

therefore, although the possibility of China pengci consumers at this stage can not be completely ruled out, but such as the Korea Daily reported, is Chinese consumers with electromagnetic oven heating caused by explosion of mobile phone is clearly untenable.

in addition, the Chosun Ilbo reported in the past in some of the very people doubt its credibility, for example, once very famous "gun", "dogs will", and many are not reliable. The information from North Korean officials daily reported. In view of this, the author skeptical

SamSung of China consumers do not respect the

since the Note7 mobile phone on fire explosion in multinational, September 2nd North Korea Daily reported, Samsung said in a worldwide recall of 2 million 500 thousand units of the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note7. In September 14th, the state quality inspection administration official website announced that the national quality inspection administration law enforcement department quality inspection administration of defective product management center, talks with the Samsung Corp, the company to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, the number is 1858. But the recall of the phone is mainly through the Samsung's official website and other channels, the use of new and other ways to provide the test experience with the machine, the official launch of the Note7 phone in China is not included.

in the state line version of the Samsung Note7 Galaxy after the explosion, Samsung's approach is in late September 19th to declare the product damage caused by external heating. Korea Daily is reported, "China explosion Note 7 is used for electromagnetic oven heating caused by consumers, there are media reports," Samsung announced that 2 of consumers are discussing the China explosion on the false claims of criminal prosecution and legal response. "

is evident from the above measures can treat the global consumer Samsung, Samsung, found the problem immediately recalled, but in the face of Chinese consumers, Samsung is claimed to infer that the product damage is caused due to external heating, and the Chosun Ilbo also claimed that" China explosion Note 7 is consumer electromagnetic oven heating by "(although there is no evidence whether North Korea daily took Samsung PR spending it), put the blame on Chinese consumer suspicion, is China consumers to exert external heat source to mobile phone mobile phone explosion, which is obviously not respect for China consumers. The author believes that this approach not only can not restore the reputation of Samsung's mobile phone explosion caused losses, but will be in a more unfavorable position.

in view of this, Shenzhen City Council said Samsung denounced the practice. And to the Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. sent a letter to the public inquiry, hope that the company received this letter within 10 days to give a positive response.

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