Gay men and the mental hospital: my wife cheated me into the hospital

Wife hospital a mental hospital gown

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hospital "lock me up, tied up, medicine, because I was gay. "In October 8th last year, Zhumadian Henan man Yu Hu (a pseudonym) was his wife and parents and others sent to the Zhumadian mental hospital," they forced to take off my clothes, also laughed at that, you are gay? Let's see if you are a man or a woman. "

did not carry out any communication, inspection, after 19 days, the hospital in order to" sexual preference disorder "in the name of its mandatory.

2016 in May, more than a tiger to Yicheng District Court, asked the hospital to apologize and pay for mental solatium 10 thousand yuan. The case scheduled for trial in September 21st, because of the need for further investigation of evidence, will choose a hearing.

recently, "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) exclusive dialogue Yu hu. He said the prosecution is the hope and he did not encounter such a person experience. And for his wife and children, I feel very guilty, if you know it will cause so much damage to his wife, he would not choose to marry.

figure is more than the tiger I.

treatment: being stripped naked tied

Beijing time in bed: what is the most cruel memories of the 19 days?

Yu Hu: limbs tied up in bed for two hours, but also forced to take off clothes.

when everyone comes in, they're going to be furious. When tied my phone I want to go home to play, but not to play "ex-wife". They heard (the argument) that my mood is not stable, to be more tied for a while. Do check the time, hands tied behind, with bags on their feet, like wearing shackles.

the chair of "management personnel" forced to change my gown, also laughed and said "are you gay? Let's see if you are a man or a woman. ".

Beijing time: the hospital is dedicated to the "treated" gay it?

Yu Hu: not.

Beijing time: is there any change in your mood for two hours?

Yu Hu: these two hours I lay on the bed, from fear to yield. How long will it take me to stay here? I am a normal person in the inside can not be crazy.

Beijing time: what is the most time to think about?

Yu Hu: escape.

Beijing time: the implementation of the action?

Yu Hu: what is the implementation of the plan does not become. The door is credit card, the window is the iron railings, there are a lot of cameras and nurses, how to escape?

every day for 1.5 hours to another building "do style", you can use the computer, playing chess. I heard that there is a patient to do style when trying to escape, the results are not out of the door, he was caught by the nurse gave a good beating. I found the man asking if it was true, and he said the nurse had left his mouth bleeding. There are patients to climb on the basketball court, but also by the nurse came back to beat a meal. The

inside the patient as prisoners, as long as they do not take medicine on time, eating, sleeping or waking up will be beaten. I often hear the voices of other wards, which are made by "management".

Beijing time: how do they beat?

Yu Hu: mercilessly beating your back, kick you. Is a more than and 20 year old male nurse. I have seen a person do not take medicine, the nurse on a slap in the face, that person's face acne are opened, the face is blood, the disease is blood. The other nurse also said that thanks to you to hit him, broke his acne just eliminate disinfection.

Beijing time: are you hit?

Yu Hu: No. I was a little timid, to see others were beaten, had to obey. For example, people do not take medicine, the nurse put him down on the bed, don't use chopsticks mouth, another nurse mouths medicine, niezhuobizai irrigation. Does not take the medicine to be hit in the same meal to have to eat, I thought that does not have to take the medicine to eat to die.

Beijing time: what kind of treatment are accepted in the hospital?

Yu Hu: nurse said about one month after admission to do electric shock, head shock, as there are smoke treatment. I haven't reached that stage yet. Take the medicine every day, four kinds of medicine, three times a day, sooner or later two times, and a small bag of water taking particles. To eat a black water pill to swallow the pills every night, drinking water is yellow potion.

Beijing time: what is the reaction of the medicine?

Yu Hu: confused, every careless, feeling like mental illness to turn, delirious, pressure in particular.

Beijing time: do you have any effect after discharge?

Yu Hu: memory decreased a lot, their neighbors do not know. See others words are also few, do not know what to say. Into a mental hospital, I know that a person will be locked up into another person.

Beijing time: how to discharge?

Yu Tiger: the fourth day of hospitalization for my boyfriend (Note: in an interview with reporters at the mention of the word "boyfriend" Yu Hu will find me quietly vague in the past), hospital people do not let him see, he gave me a note from the door. Do style of the time, he was downstairs, I in two buildings across the bars to talk with him.

he couldn't get me out of the hospital, and he went to the A Qiang of his friends and family. John to the hospital said to the police to prosecute them, then allowed a hospital to see me. Then, the hospital contacted my brother and sister and his ex-wife, who drove me back to my home with my ex-wife. The medicine bag

Yu Hu remains the only evidence that he lived in a mental hospital.

prosecution: I hope I was the last

Beijing time: why should the prosecution of Zhumadian city hospital?

Yu Hu: I am a person who is injured, the spirit of the loss. There is hope that people like me do not have the same experience as me. Other (cause), it's not important to me.

Beijing time: in the process of obtaining evidence encountered difficulties?

Yu Hu: the biggest difficulty is that I was discharged from the hospital, in October 26th, the doctor took out a voluntary admission, not let me sign. October 8th, my ex-wife took me to a mental hospital, the medical history of my medical history of sexual preference disorder, my ex-wife also signed a word. But August 26th let me sign a voluntary admission, when the doctor said you do not care about the disease, the date to fill in October 9th, because you are in the hospital for second days to get better. At that time I was too want to discharge, did not react to come over to sign. Later, I thought, I signed the prosecution is very unfavorable to me.

let me regret, I put a key piece of evidence to throw, is the wristband when I was in the hospital, they gave me. Is the water red, above the bed number, the responsible nurse, the name, the disease, explicitly writes me to be the sexual preference barrier. No medical records and the wrist can't prove their gay as disease treatment.

Beijing time: what evidence do you have now?

Yu Hu: I have only one medicine bag. The name of the drug seems to be called Osasi pan, my name is medicine bag, the doctor said a stable mood. This can only prove that I lived in the hospital.

third days in hospital, I asked the doctor, "you said to me that the treatment of this disease (sexual preference disorder)", she said: "yes," she said ". I asked, "are you sure you can give me a cure? "She said she could fix it. Before I have been cured of this patient, and cured. I thought, this is the idea of the human mind, you have to be able to reverse the strange.

Beijing time: is it a disease in your cognition?

Yu Hu: I know that homosexuality is not a disease, cure is not good.

Beijing time: do you think the possibility of winning a few?

Yu Hu: do not grasp what is not sure, there is not much hope, the main hope is that people like us will not be arbitrarily shut in, I hope I was the last one.

Beijing time: the prosecution of the greatest resistance from where?

Yu Hu: our local people and their loved ones are likely to see that they are from the countryside, could not be accepted (gay), a big mental hospital sued this, let me more no face to face these people. They do not understand the greater pressure on me.

don't have no chance to return (home) is to have the opportunity to go back, in the face of others pointing heart won't go.

I do not accept the face-to-face interview, I'm afraid they released a video, I don't want to let the family, villagers have to see, I do not want this, I don't want to go.

: I married hurts his wife not to marry

Beijing: why after twelve years of marriage to his wife to come out?

Yu Hu: Oh, he (boyfriend) in my help, we go too close, my ex-wife's brother-in-law guess we may be the first time, he asked, I did not admit that the second asked, I declare (out).

Beijing time: divorce through the formalities?

Yu Hu: did not do. We would have agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and she and her family took me to a mental hospital. The car does not open their own home, she rented a car I installed. At that time, I did not know what the situation at that time, I did not think they would treat me like this.

Beijing time: what is your wife's attitude towards you after you go home? When did you decide to get out of the house?

Yu Hu: at the time, the doctor opened 1400 dollars to my medicine, 10 pill, like oxazepam and 10 bottles of syrup. My ex-wife said after 4 days and then take me to the hospital (review). I just broke up with this sentence. Because she was afraid that she would send me to the hospital, she decided to run away.

but she looked at me at home and didn't let her go. Where did she go I'd have to go. Fourth days out of the mental hospital, to catch up with his wife went out to purchase, she did not let me go, afraid I went to the county and he (male friends) contact. 4 am not bright, my boyfriend rented a car parked in the town to pick me up, I found him and walked away together.

Beijing time: what time and now the boyfriend to establish a relationship?

Yu Hu: eleventh years of marriage at the beginning of the second January they guessed.

Beijing time: have you had a boyfriend before?

Yu Hu: No, do not know before.

Beijing time: what is your relationship with your wife?

Yu Hu: more than a month ago, she took me from my friend in QQ deleted, I talk about her behind some nasty comments.

I said before that I would not be so easy to divorce her, that is, to take a child to divorce. Later, I have a little regret, I said, I do not have anything. My life is never mind with her, will completely disappear, there may not be in this world.

she gave me comments, let me feel at ease to die, said will bring the big child. A man without a sense of responsibility and conscience does not have any meaning. I think no matter what the reason, it is my fault, so I didn't say what.

I think now, she is a woman, she is also very poor, she is also very poor, three of them (wife and two children) is indeed very poor. I feel a little guilty about them. In a word, they have a good life. If the

from the beginning of society can accept it, it wouldn't have a tragedy. But some things in the human, some things are too much.

Beijing time: a lot of public opinion on the Internet to attack you, how do you respond?

Yu Hu: today I have time to read a new comment, a person said, "you have to ruin the lives of others, not to say that you live in 19 days, is to let you live in the death of others, I am sorry others".

was very angry at that time. I think there may be I'm sorry for her, but I want to have a lot of divorce in heterosexual marriage, there is a lot of it? Don't they have a divorce? What do I have to do with them?

at that time I particularly want to reply, things did not happen to you, you do not know the feelings of others, if it is your own, then you will not say other people.

if back, perhaps there will be more malicious words, perhaps others will know that this person is me, my family to see, can guess this is my tone.

since it has come to this step, they said he's me to take my. I can not go to this step also let them say yes, I certainly have the idea, I choose not to see comments.

Beijing time: how do you make a marriage decision?

Yu Hu: I had a (girlfriend) talk for three years, I do not want to get married with her on the blow. After that, he said a (girlfriend), the family is too much pressure, coupled with the others I have seen married and left me a. At that time I did not know that the two men can love, live together.

married three days before I told them that the marriage is also a divorce. They say it is impossible to get married and get divorced? I said you don't believe it, you see. When

got married I fear, but for gay not cognitive situation I have thought I was a person in the attack.

Beijing time: what is the relationship between husband and wife?

Yu Hu: Well, okay, that's it. 2004 get married, I never thought about how, I do not know.

Beijing time: do you regret getting married?

Yu Hu: I just said that now I take this step to hurt them, if I knew it would cause harm to her, it would not get married.

family: the child was very close to me

Beijing time: can you introduce your background? When did you start to have a perception of homosexuality?

Yu Hu: junior high school, (home) in a town under the town.

although the family conditions can also, but has not bought a computer, his cell phone does not play WeChat, QQ these. Bought a computer in February 2014, I was curious to start searching these to know.

Beijing time: family members of the hospital for your support or opposition?

Yu Hu: I do not have to sue the hospital with the family said. Since last October after leaving home, with their parents have no contact. Sometimes I will ask my brother and sister and two children at home by QQ how the situation, also said one or two.

Beijing time: what is your family's attitude towards your sexual orientation?

Yu Hu: do not know (the attitude of parents). But my brother and my sister have been not in favor of.

Beijing time: have you come out to their families?

Yu Hu: I first night with my ex-wife said, the second day of the family all know.

Beijing time: how old the child, how long did not see them?

Yu Hu: two children, 12 years old boy, 8 years old girl.

year did not see the child, in May this year, and the son of a video. I made a talk, said the hand when cooking burns. The son originally I QQ delete, and add back, say to want to video to see my hand how? Video, he also told me that a person living in the outside to take good care of their own. Also asked me to go back? Told me to go back and can not take the bus, to secretly go back, or his mother and I will divorce.

I don't have the heart to tell him I can't go back, saying that resignation did not expire, there is a period of time. We only video for a very short time, he said he was afraid of his sister found to tell his mother.

this video may finally let his mother found, after I sent him QQ he did not go back, but did not delete me.

two children close to me, I can fuck them with them.

children crying at night when I was holding the arms of his legs, to coax them to sleep. I don't know what to say. I feel like they're sad. I'm sorry for them, I'm sorry three of them, I'm sorry parents parenting. So I didn't deserve comment scold, what idea.

Beijing time: how much do you know about the identity of the children?

Yu Hu: the boy knows, I do not know that I was gay, but especially against my boyfriend, before his son with his good relationship, and now especially hate him.

Beijing time: does your boyfriend have a better understanding of homosexuality than you?

Yu Hu: I was born in 83 years, he is 7 years younger than me, I understand homosexuality earlier than I am.

Beijing time: are you going to appear in court?

Yu Hu: now and his two men in a garment factory in Hangzhou work, in addition to work every day is to work. No time to appear in court.

Beijing time: this year back home?

Yu Hu: back to Henan he (her boyfriend) lived for more than and 10 days. His relatives see I have no intense opposition, the more awkward silence. His parents and grandmother are agreed, but also no way, all accept. His grandmother said how you can do, old and not a child.

Beijing time: would you consider adopting a child?

Yu Hu: I will not adopt. I have two children of my own. I'm sorry to have to adopt other people's children. They are my life, I can not support, but I go to raise other people's children?

Beijing time: do you know the relationship between you and your boyfriend now?

Yu Hu: many people in the city, no one is aware of what I am and what he is.

Beijing time: what is the future?

Yu Hu: the plan is to have, and now there is no money in the hands. Want to come with him (her boyfriend) to do clothes, find their own way to open a small factory.

Beijing time original Liu Siwei

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