IPhone7 sells well, but not as good as you think.

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huaerjiejianwen· 2016-09-23 05:19:39

iPhone7 officially released the day before, apple said the first batch of iPhone7 Plus and iPhone7 bright black models have been sold out. One of the four major U.S. carriers T-Mobile CEO John Legere said earlier, iPhone 7 series models pre-sale unpopular, four times listed four days orders nearly iPhone 6 sales in the same period, the pre-sale is the best company in the history of data.

but UBS analysts believe that in 2015 there have been Apple's mobile phone users will drive 8% of the iPhone7 needs, but this is not enough to save the decline in sales of Apple Corp.

Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson Steven, an analyst at UBS believes that 2015 iPhone users, 44% in 2017 years by the new Huan plan to upgrade to iPhone7. Have a more than two users of iPhone, 50-60% in the coming year will refresh to iPhone7. So it seems, iPhone7's future sales may still not ideal.

refresh program participants to pay the amount of 50% of the original iPhone allowance concessions to buy a new iPhone, four U.S. carriers and even launched iPhone6/6s for free iPhone 7 Upgrade service.

in the first quarter of this year, apple reported iPhone sales fell 16%, down 13% for the camp for the first time in 13 years fell. IPhone sales in the two quarter continued to decline year on year, revenue fell 14.6% year on year 14.9%. Demand for Apple mobile phone

3" the end of the month to launch a small, low price of the new mobile phone iPhone SE to boost the market, plus iPhone7 sales, UBS analysts believe that short-term sales of apple have been improved, but the long-term trend, sales decline trend seems to be unable to avoid.

UBS analysts believe that Plus iPhone7 makes the 2017 iPhone7 mobile phone demand rose from 80 million to 89 million, this figure is better than 6S iPhone 87 million, but less than 93 million of iPhone6.

JP Morgan analysts are not optimistic about the future of iPhone7 sales, that four U.S. carriers of iPhone6/6s for free iPhone 7 free upgrade service subsidies will end in October, so the four quarter iPhone sales in the US will be lower than the Wall Street consensus.

Morgan Chase also cautious view of the end of this year, the trend of the stock market, think it is too early to say that the market reaction. Last week iPhone7 pre-sale sales gratifying, Apple shares rose four hit five years since the best weekly performance. But 16 days after the official launch, Apple's stock price is now down.

" UBS analyst also mentioned in the report, the markets of developed countries, iPhone7 than iPhone6s popular, but less than iPhone6 and iPhone5. However, iPhone7 this is known as the best in the history of the mobile phone in parts of the best-selling iPhone6 more than the fire:

in Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Argentina, the popularity of iPhone7 more than ever to be obvious, it is helpful to attract new users.

taking into account the main driving force of new users is China's sales, we believe that the next few years, the growth of new users will decline every year 10%.

China's demand for cooling is one of the reasons for the weakness of apple sales in the first half of the year. Apple's revenue in the first quarter of China's first quarter revenue fell 33%, while last year's sales increased by 112%.

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