How to make apple AirPods is not easy to lose?

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kekewang· 2016-09-23 05:19:46

's new iPhone 7 series has been launched for some time, but compared to iPhone 7, with its accompanying release of AirPods seems to be more fiery than iPhone. In addition to the $1288 level characteristics nouveau riche, no wire blocking experience but its biggest selling point. But it also seems to have become its biggest selling point ".

" users of its appearance is not a cold, long handle shaped body both looks and wear some molimen. At the same time, there is no wire bound it also makes you feel safe enough, in case of lost how to do? In this regard, many users have given a lot of methods, we look at the ideas they want to come out of it.

AirPods "R & D" users have a headset plug, again is fixed to the headset cylinder at the bottom, the other side is can buckle in the earlobe, looks quite stylish at the same time, to solve the anti lost it can also be used as accessories, this is not shoot two hawks with one arrow?

" if you think this is too curious, look at this. In order to make the AirPods look more like the usual wireless Bluetooth headset, the user has joined the special ear hang, does not look like Powerbeats Beats? It can be deceptive.

, of course, there are people trying to "wash white apple" at the same time, there are people to get AirPods a few scripts and later used Tucao approached it, hey! You dropped the headset; you don't have to pay for it, just pick it up. The phone is stolen in your pocket. Not afraid, in a short time you will be immersed in the AirPods music in the concert without fear of inextricably bogged down in, be interrupted; these scripts is a ratio of a black, Cook see is estimated to be very ignorant of force?

" in the meantime, apple said if the headset is lost (a) it can be purchased separately, although apple did not give relevant details, but with this scheme should be able to really lost AirPods Apple fans an explanation. The introduction of AirPods both in innovation or experience are commendable, you have let it hand piece.

Ke guest comments: want to experience the latest high-tech products that must have some choice ah, this is what we have to pay the "price"!

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