Apple supplier JDI to take the SHARP old road?

Suppliers apple SHARP the old ways

leifengwang· 2016-09-23 05:19:58

" in the future, the main supplier of the iPhone screen, the Japanese LCD panel JDI (Japan Display Inc.) companies to large shareholders of the company with Japan innovation network (INCJ) behind the money, may not be successful.

according to foreign media reports, recently, Japan's economics minister Yoko Hiroshige publicly said that if the JDI does not reduce dependence on apple, and proved himself to remain competitive, it will lose the support of INCJ, and the INCJ will likely consider divestment.

Yoko Hiroshige said that Japan has been reluctant to let large Japanese companies go bankrupt or by foreign mergers and acquisitions, think this will lead to Japan's staff, and the important technical flow of overseas, but this idea is not only outdated, and quite dangerous.

he explained that, in all walks of life are highly globalized era, Japan should not continue to seize the already popular technology on the focus to lead his country's cutting-edge technology is a wise move, until the original cutting-edge technology and increasingly popular, you can choose to let go.

Yoko Hiroshige believes that the current LCD JDI panel technology has been gradually popularized, the Japanese government did not need to cling to. Therefore, the pendulum in front of JDI only two roads: one is regardless of the cost of research and development of new technology and in Japan, dominated by Japan; two is honest about its technology has not advanced by the fact that the sale of the company to foreign buyers.

at present, the Japanese government has not yet made a final decision on the fate of JDI.

in fact, Apple has been the most important customer is JDI

2012, the government backed INCJ 200 billion yen funded by SONY, Toshiba and Hitachi three companies signed with LCD department, set up the JDI company now. INCJ as its largest shareholder, holding the proportion accounted for 35.6%. JDI as the world's largest small and medium sized LCD display panel manufacturer,

in the beginning is not dependent on apple. According to JDI previously published data show that apple JDI revenue accounted for the proportion of overall revenue in the year 2012 when only 20.9%, the year 2013 to 31%, 2014 to 41.8%, equivalent to an annual rate of 10 percentage points to steady growth. To fiscal year 2015 (April 2015 to March 2016), Apple's revenue contribution to JDI is as much as 531 billion 372 million yen, the amount of more than 2014 annual surge 65%. And this level of revenue accounted for 53.7% of the overall revenue in the year, more than 5, breaking the mark.

in addition, important customers HUAWEI, millet and hammer and other mobile phone manufacturers is JDI, one of HUAWEI's revenue in fiscal year 2015 reached 118 billion 531 million yen, accounting for 12% of the total revenue of the year JDI.

but in contrast, regardless of the importance and revenue than the point of view, the Apple Corp are JDI's most important customers, no one.

iPhone suck, but

JDI performance continues to decline, due to the iPhone sales slump, LCD panel market demand, external causes of the depreciation of the yen and other technology from market competition, coupled with JDI's own factories, equipment and OLED to technology investment, causing the company's the performance continued to decline.

data show that the property of a (2016 4-6 month) the total revenue of JDI compared to the same period in 2015 reduced 29.2% yen to 174 billion 342 million yen, after the settlement losses reached 3 billion 411 million yen (in 2015 compared to a profit of 2 billion 244 million yen), and this is the second consecutive quarter of losses JDI. Industry analysts believe that the total loss of the year JDI will be as high as 11 billion 772 million yen, up 2015, JDI's loss of 461 million yen.

JDI" in 2014 by the initial public offering (IPO), IPO shares was 900 yen ($9). But due to poor performance, its stock price has long been hovering at around 1/5 yen, up to 900, closing in September 21st, its stock price is only 163 yen, the price difference is very far from the original IPO.

is due to the constant loss, JDI had to seek financial assistance to the gold behind the main INCJ. According to media reports, in early August 2016 JDI has asked for financial assistance to INCJ, and INCJ said it will be a debt guarantee or financing and other means to provide relevant assistance to JDI, the estimated amount of aid will reach tens of billions of yen.

OLED transformation difficulties, or escape the fate of

acquisition of the industry is expected, JDI obtained the investment, as production of OLED panels of the reserve funds, but the money seems to be enough. In August, in an interview, JDI's CEO Mitsuru Homma said, because OLED 2 times the cost of producing a panel about existing LCD panel, and that few customers can absorb the cost through a high enough price, so the future may require intelligent mobile phone manufacturers take part of the investment OLED display panel the.

in addition to funding problems, JDI technology has not kept up with the industry's rhythm. As a traditional

LCD panel juqing, JDI in OLED technology has lagged behind South Korean rivals. Mitsuru Homma JDI is expected in September 2018 to OLED panel production, but according to the general estimation of the industry, Apple will be the first in 2017 will begin widely by OLED, which means the JDI will likely lose apple this important customer, the future is not optimistic.

media reports, in early 2016 INCJ tried to promote JDI and also at a loss of the SHARP merger, but the latter eventually acquired by Taiwan's Hon Hai group.

in the face of difficult financing, the decline in performance and difficult transition problems, JDI will become the next SHARP?

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