Media: stop firing medical trouble really powerless

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tuanjiehucankao· 2016-04-24 14:05:04

recently, there are media reports, Linying Henan County People's hospital before the door, a death of children's relatives posted photos, pull banners, crying more than. After the local police in repeatedly advised from unsuccessful, pepper spray water to disperse the invalid, decisively fired warning shots on the day, is said to have "great deterrent" medical dispute profiteer "personnel". < side is the wail of the families of the deceased, one side is the decisive fired the people's police, two images together to shape a an extreme and bizarre situations. From a simple video capture, the spectator is difficult to choose their own position. The families of children die sympathy, seems to have encouraged medical trouble too. The police fired appreciated it, seems to be too cold for the weak. This tangle of mind, just reflect the complexity of medical trouble phenomenon. < p > if the police are not taken "shots to stop" is the very means of disposal, in fomenting the phenomenon of the proliferation of the moment, this incident would probably not be able to access to media reports. Compared to the beginning of the blockbuster "the Chinese Academy of Sciences," events, and bloody kill Wenling medical records, it does not eye-catching, it is not surprising, but still worth thinking about. Last year, the highest law released figures show that in 2014 the national court concluded a total violent killing medicine, medical injury and other criminal cases 155. It doesn't include a hall, paper money, pulling banners and other violations of the social order. These increasingly "event, mixed with the status of medical social discontent, always fermentation become focus of public opinion.

"medical" and reasonable medical accident rights should have a clear distinction. Family members of patients deliberately interfere with the normal medical order, threatening the personal safety of doctors, the vast majority of the purpose is to obtain high compensation. Push its origin, but also due to the medical dispute settlement mechanism is not perfect. Responsibility is a key link in medical disputes, but the our country haven't been able to establish common third-party identification system, try some places, because the identification of institutions and medical institutions between pull not clear relationship. The independence highly suspect.

medical behavior has a high technical threshold, resulting in an accident dispute, the family members of the hospital in a relatively weak position in the face of the hospital. "Medical treatment is difficult", "your doctor" the reality of the existence, so that the whole society are dissatisfied, but also more inclined to sympathize with the families of patients. "It took so many medical expenses, the result is not a", this kind of negative imagination formed a kind of inertia thinking. After the hospital usually take the money to buy peace, is opposite to encourage medical trouble. "Since the big trouble, do not solve, why I do not trouble? In addition, some medical groups, occupation out fan the flames, often also intensified the situation. < / P > < p > fomenting / > flooding into seriously hamper the hospital order, even hurt the doctors personal safety, makes the whole society more and more inclined to treat tough. According to the latest amendment to the criminal law, from November 1, 2015 onwards, the highest medical acts can be sentenced to three to seven years. State Health Planning Commission and other four departments jointly issued in March this year, the notice on further maintenance of medical order work, stressed: medical malpractice liability is not identified, the medical institutions shall not lose money. This provision, to solve the medical trouble behavior is likely to play the role of a fundamental solution.

crying and gunfire, it does not have to appear in the same social scene. For ordinary people, the police fired it all boils down to is a very tough enforcement actions, it seems more should appear in the deter malignant incidents of violent crime. Disperse the crying of the families of the deceased shots, such an approach though out of frustration, but it also reflects, in our society to resolve the dispute at the time of the powerless.

after the tragedy, the farce went on to play. The emergence of "who would not Zhanli" moral dilemma, let our consciousness, to put an end to the hospital violator phenomenon, I am afraid we have to from the source addressed.

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Media: stop firing medical trouble really powerless