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beiqingwangyule· 2016-09-23 07:19:07

a variety of circumstances" of the show, bring visual pleasure and spiritual shock to people do not know. In the public mind, actor glamorous, easy to work with high income. But in fact, when the camera can not be shot, and some actors play hard and dangerous, and even paid a life. Today Xiaobian take you to see what the actor died due to filming. When Meng Tingli while filming the "dowry" and Taiwan FTV drama "gas preparation! Meiling ", in order to catch the show without sufficient rest. In the "refueling! "She fainted in the shooting process of crying scene, eventually dead. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p" believe that the small partners to see Hong Kong drama have known him - Hung Lieh Chen. "The Legendary Swordsman" zuolengchan explained, "war and beauty" in the story of Sun Qinghua · · · in the entertainment industry 47 years of hard work, in nearly more than and 100 movies. In the photo studio wireless TV drama "Pedder allies" Hung Lieh Chen in the locker room of heart disease, coma, after the hospital died. The reason is he is filming overworked.

" when Li Guohao's Xinjiang consumption shocked the whole world, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United States and around the world the Chinese community reacted strongly. In 1993, Li Guohao is the United States to take "the crow", the camera under the Li Guohao carry a bag of food, and Michael · Mizraim play, originally prop guns, the results, Li Guohao was hit by blood, and ultimately caused the death of. Is still a mystery. Class= img_box "

" Hongkong Wu Ma for more than 50 years, played a number of classic works. Is best known as the "ghost story" of Yan Chixia. Suffering from cancer, he did not tell anyone, still insist on filming, until late lung cancer died in Hongkong at the age of 71. Wu Ma, a venerable good actor.

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