Lin Chiling sexy skirt and shorts just perfect perspective

Sexy Lin Chiling perspective Jerry Yan

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" Lin Chiling

9 22, a group of Lin Chiling to participate in a variety of "my new clothes" show photo exposure, the program designer Lin Chiling was hit by "Hua Xianzi", long haired, light Chiffon see-through dress very fit Lin Chiling gentle the temperament, so full of fairies Lin Chiling played for the Soviet Union to stand up, so that the beauty of Lin Chiling.

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Lin Chiling said the envy of Hsu Chi: the marriage will be like her announced

9 19, Lin Chiling, as a spokesperson for the identity of the brand to attend a conference, she appeared in a silver dress. After the news of Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan on the same day, when asked about the matter, she said it would contact old friends, but "you mean I understand (laughs), I will go to look at the previous mail list, to see if there is no suitable object. (we're still looking forward to seeing you and Jerry Yan) I look good, contact details after not with you, ha ha. "She said she was in a hurry, too." I was left alone, and I hope I could have a partner (laughs). But my other half may be lost, you need to navigate to my side. "

for everyone concerned about the marriage of Hsu Chi Lin Chiling with envy, if the marriage would like Hsu Chi," I would like Hsu Chi like this, when she announced, I was full of happiness, then see that in addition to envy, then really think he is very understanding of each other, and then do the most important decisions in life. If I have love, bestie should know first, then is the media. "

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