Ai Fukuhara married for the first time appeared in Chinese Super slip

Chinese sincerity words dress

fenghuangyule· 2016-09-23 07:20:51

" Ai Fukuhara and her husband Jiang Hongjie

in new network on 22 September, according to Taiwan media reports, Japan's high popularity of table tennis girl Fukuhara Ai as "Taiwan wife" after the debut appearance. Ai Fukuhara had to "super Chinese" expertise is known, in mainland China also operates micro-blog high popularity, Chinese response to her is not a problem, the reporter will be on "small love" of course not translation assistance, to show the full wharehouse sincerity.

Jiang Hongjie (right) and Ai Fukuhara (left), 22, held a press conference in Taipei, Jiang Hongjie said, "officially announced in Taiwan, my wife, miss Ai Fukuhara. "

Ai Fukuhara sat down and said," I'm really nervous. "Yesterday wearing a beautiful pink purple and attend the Tokyo press conference," little love "today is wearing a very elegant white black dress to attend, to show the small woman's side.

talked about this relationship has been a concern, Jiang Hongjie said: "in fact, I really do not think so much, we will continue to work on the table tennis career. "

media continued to question the Chinese, worry about words is too difficult Ai Fukuhara will be a bit difficult, but love is the challenge of heart said:" try it! "The results really successful completion of the visit.

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