"She" Cherie Chan talk: the rich life is very dull

Wealthy father outside ex

fenghuangyule· 2016-09-23 07:21:12

" Cherie Chan was known to the audience

Phoenix Entertainment News according to Hongkong media reported on 22 as "the deer" in the former doublet, artist Cherie Chan is cable TV. "Past love letter" does not smoke, sharing her past love experience and presided over by Li Yanshan, and her husband met after.

Cherie Chan and Micheal Tong talked about the feelings of a section, she said: "the embarrassment are filming understanding, I played his sister, he took good care of me, love is all. In the heyday of "career, Cherie Chan and businessman married at the age of 24, leaving the entertainment circle, but at the end of divorce. When it comes to this marriage, she sighed a pity: "at that time a lot of friends advised me not to give up work, I think I will continue to work hard. But I softhearted, her ex husband for three times married to me, I am moved, so the impulse to get married. Now think back in fact did not understand each other, and I do not adapt to the life of the Australian life, all kinds of problems mixed together lead to failure (refers to marriage). "

Cherie Chan through a friend introduced current husband Li Wenhui, she said everything is fate:" actually I feel inferior, I had done a lot of wrong decisions when young, to pray to the father of a good partner, so good to resist recreational activities. At last, because I shengqingnanque, recognize the current husband at the party. "Little Xia said her eight hundred million life is not as rich as described outside luxury:" I live a good simple, good little sitting car! "She has exposed many friends laugh her life like a Korean fairy tale, called her book to share, but she has no meaning, and thank you for your blessing.

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