The son of Wu Zhenyu Feynman funny white fat boy Meng Da

Meng Meng Da Wu Zhenyu son of Feynman

beiqingwangyule· 2016-09-23 07:21:18

9" on Sept. 22, Wu Zhenyu drying out the photo studio Feynman on micro-blog, and issued a document: "well, Dad support myself! "In the photo Feynman after a holiday good food" baptism "gained a lot of weight, plump appearance is still very adorable. He also directed the fleshy tongue shot make funny expression, very naughty and cute.

in the blink of an eye to Feynman's 8 years old, netizens also said that although the message but still Meng Meng Da fat Feynman: "although a little fatter but still adorable! "Meng Da fat ha ha ha" Feynman Feynman said there are friends now is super cute. "We just play small Feynman fat, grow more and more handsome! Now it's cute, too! "

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