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Zhang Tianai clavicle plasticity advertisement film

fenghuangyule· 2016-09-23 07:21:26

" Zhang Tianai

yesterday, Zhang Tianai attended a computer brand launch, a change in the usual style of dress, wearing a yellow dress appearance, petal sequined embellishment, elegant temperament, stunning the audience. The

brand advertising film is also full of highlights, Zhang Tian'ai who played for men and women, firmness and flexibility, the interpretation of "the unknown me" to the audience with different visual experience. Zhang Tianai, therefore, to show the full range of its plasticity.

to show you the product after the end of the fun way: "this computer can also be used as a mirror! Said to the mirror, "you will not marry me."! "Show a lovely contrast to everyone, which also has a lot of similarities with the role of her new film. It is reported that

, Zhang Tianai starred in the movie "passing from your world" will be released in 9.29, this is her first big screen works featuring women.

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