Hammer technology Luo Yonghao made headlines again?

Hammer technology Luo Yonghao headlines purchase money

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" although the hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao has been quiet for a long time in micro-blog, but recently there are two things that hammer technology and Luo Yonghao once again boarded the headlines of science and technology.

two things are not very good news. One thing is the hammer technology was exposed in 2016 the company's financial figures -- the loss of nearly 500 million, the total assets has shrunk to 296 million yuan; another thing hammer powder Li Zhongqiu v. Luo Yonghao case verdict hammer technology -- the result is fans lost, but for now the hammer technology for this is not what to celebrate.

ROM one billion to become ROM three hundred million

on the Internet social networking platform, a group of financial data on the hammer technology companies are exposed. According to the Chengdu

nibilu technology September 19th disclosure, the investment of 30 million yuan shares accounted for 1.13% of the hammer technology in 2015 net loss of 460 million yuan, 190 million yuan loss in the first half of 2016. The dissemination of information on social networking platform, micro-blog users @ Lanna evening also forwarded "total assets of the hammer technology from 825 million yuan at the end of 2015 has shrunk to 296 million yuan in June 30, 2016. "

"photo: Sina and

but get such a financial statement should also do not need to have what surprised the sales, hammer technology calendar generation of products is poor, a few years has been in the R & D expenditure this year, also from the many where to dig a number of senior vice president level, such as the former HUAWEI glory of Wu Dezhou, and from micro-blog hired Miao Ying.

and new products, the hammer technology is also soon to face the new flagship T3 Smartisan production, the shortage of funds and the situation of the financial figures of the loss is also a normal.

in June this year, from the business aspects of the information, Luo Yonghao has been part of the equity pledge to the Alibaba, which means that the future of this part may be debt into equity in Alibaba from the capital to hammer technology; and in less than one or two months, the market began to crazy LETV with hammer contact merger although Luo Yonghao has repeatedly in matters, micro-blog responded.

but on the hammer technology may be acquired by the wind in a month ago heady and abrupt, a part of the analysis that, hammer technology is likely to have completed a new round of financing.

but hammer technology and Luo Yonghao in the future, the company is still full of mystery inside the outside world.

hammer powder against Li Zhongqiu

at the end of last year, Li Zhongqiu hammer powder because of the hammer mobile phone T1 "suspected of false propaganda and sales fraud will hammer technology and Luo Yonghao to court, request a refund of the purchase money 2480 yuan, and compensation for 7440 yuan, a total of 9920 yuan.

after a series of social networking platform forward, the media reports, Luo Yonghao also forwarded a response to the Internet hot Wen Wen, 44 year old Luo Yonghao stood in the dock...

just recently, Shenzhen Nanshan District people's court verdict, sentenced the defendant returned to the plaintiff Li Zhongqiu hammer technology mobile phone payment of 2480 yuan on the matter, and hammer technology to recover the T1 mobile phone to buy Li Zhongqiu and Lee; other claims of Mid Autumn Festival is to be rejected, will not get any compensation.

" report from the complete decision: ifeng.com

also mentioned in the court verdict, "all pre APP Luo Yonghao said at the press conference will be deleted, for the third party application, and the hammer T1 built-in mobile phone the TouchPal input, speech, memo, alarm clock, email is the basic function and application, can not delete the third party application list, does not constitute fraud. "

" the plaintiff for the purchase of mobile phones on the defendant's products have a misunderstanding. "

" and Luo Yonghao in micro-blog's commitment to open Bootloader, there is no specific time, nor for a specific product, the same does not constitute fraud. "

new T3 Smartisan to come to the

but it does not seem to have a special impact on the mood of Luo Yonghao.

recently in Sina micro-blog, Luo Yonghao forwarded a lot of fans related information about new products, comments and speculation exposed a series of new products, the conference, which should be launched to look for the new campaign. But the market is still some of the conference time hearsay make groundless accusations, was heard in September, and in October this year may not be able to see the new "multiple rumors.

side is the rumors that the hammer could be acquired, while the side is exposed to a loss of nearly 500 million of the financial figures. Mobile phone overall market environment is not satisfied, despite the spirit is not willing to see such a result, but the time left Luo Yonghao may not really much. Figure

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